For all the librarians out there!

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  1. Im in junior college right now getting my core classes out of the way, and next spring semester im going to transfer to a university. I want to become a librarian, but I have a question. I know there was a thread here awhile ago about some of you girls that are librarians, so yea i thought i would ask and hope those girls respond.

    my question: Does it matter what you get your Bachelors degree in? I know to become a librarian you have to get a MLS, and i plan on getting it, but I was wondering if it matters what you get your bachelors in? When you are in the actual librarian work field, will they(an employer) look at your bachelors degree and say "oh she has a BA in (insert degree here that might not neccesarily have to do with being a librarian) thats not OK." Or do employers really only care that you have your MLS?

    I hope any of that made sense. Its harder to put my thoughts into words.But any help would be appreciated from any of you librarian girls, or anyone else!

    Thank You!:smile:
  2. No it does not matter what your bachelors degree is in. Mine is in English. What matters is having the MLS.

    I think its great that you are going that route. Librarianship can be very rewarding.:tup:
  3. i have a BA in english too, it doesn't matter what it's in. sometimes it can even help in deciding your specialty