For all the Ladies who ordered from AR....ARRIVED?

  1. Did anybody received their Chloe bags? pictures here. I'm still waiting on mine. It's suppose to be shipped out today. I just want it to be here before I head for Vegas. I want to show her off there. :smile: Will post picts as soon as it arrives. I can't wait to see your pictures.
  2. IT"S HERE!!!! I ordered the Edith Loaf in Whiskey and Chocolate. The handles seems stiff compare to my paddy.
    Is that normal??
  3. Gorgeous. Cannot wait for my Conteen to arrive :wlae:

    Gelly :heart:
  4. More pics of the Edith Loaf ordered from AR with my paddy. My Chloe Fam Bam and still growing!!
  5. When did you place the order? I got an email from them with a shipping label from FEDEX on Sunday but it's not in FEDEX's system yet .. I can't tell when my order will arrive ... :confused1:

    Lovely bags BTW.
  6. I ordered it Saturday and since it was the weekend it was not shipped out til yesterday, Monday. It was really fast. I wasn't expecting it till tomorrow. But I'm glad it's here. Can't wait to see yours. Pls post pics
  7. :love: adorable loaves! And great family picture! Wow--that was a very fast shipment! Did they require a signature?
  8. Tomatao - Your loafs are so cute. I think the handles on my Edith have softened with wear and also stretched some.
  9. Yes signature is required.
  10. now you can bring your new loaf to vegas! But which one? Or both???:P
    My order is to arrive tomorrow! Can't wait!!!!
  11. I'll probably bring the whiskey loaf and my paddy. I was so worried that it wouldn't make it one time.

    What did you order? Can't wait to see it. Pls post pics.
  12. tomato!

    they are gorgeous. I ordered a loaf in whiskey on saturday and my tracking says it will arrive tomorrow, but I'm not going to be in town :sad: which is terribly disappointing...

    do you care to post any shots with you holding the loaf?
  13. So pretty Tomato!! Congrats!! Love both colors.
  14. So can you tell if they shipped your orders out on Sat or Monday? I am trying to estimate when mine will arrive - I think they were going to ship yesterday but I can't get any confirmation in FEDEX! :sad:

    I hope it gets here tomorrow instead of Friday .. DH will be home then. Bad.
  15. Fedex tracking is not showing up? Mine was like that too. I didn't work until last night. Hopefully you'll get it tomorrow too. Just keep checking fedex. Mine was estimated to come tomorrow too but came early, but I'm closer to Hawaii. I live in California.