For all the french girls on TPF

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  1. This is the adress of the depot vente

    Les Ginettes
    4 r Sabot 75006 PARIS

    there are two balenciagas there, a bordeaux city for 430 euros and a ink weekender for 500 euros.
  2. thanks for posting! Im not in Paris at the moment so I won't be in the run for the ink!:crybaby: but I'll definetely have a look when I get back!
  3. *sigh* Just another reason I wish I was a French girl...
  4. Ahh I see it in L'indispensible... closest [SIZE=-1]métro[/SIZE] is [SIZE=-1]St-Germain-des-Prés[/SIZE] or St. Sulpice?

    Also what days/hours are they open? Which credit cards to they take (if any)?

    Merci :flowers:
  5. bbg, thanks for sharing!! And Roo, what is L'indispensible?
  6. Correction: (my spelling error) L'Indispensable

    Pocket map guide similar to Thomas Guide

    View attachment 65320
  7. You can find the number here
  8. Oh man...I wish I was in Paris...I'd love an ink weekender! Someone must go get this!!!
  9. I am going in two months and will try to scope out what they have then!
  10. omg i had class right near there! wishing i was back in paris right now... good luck, girls!
  11. *faint* I WANT!!!! but i am no where near Paris :sad::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  12. Hey Roo, found their number on the yellow pages it's 01 42 22 45 14 if calling from France or +33142224514 if from abroad
    anyway major credit cards (visa, mastercard) should be accepted, guess you could give them a call to make sure they'll be open when you go there.
  13. Do you think they'd ship to the USA? Maybe if I begged??? :crybaby:

    ETA: It's the bordeaux I'm lusting after :heart: :heart: :heart:
  14. No more bordeaux, my friend took it and she took the other one too.
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