For all the CDC Cuff Lovers...This is for you

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  1. In the Feb. issue of Elle they show a picture of the NEW Sterling Silver CDC cuff.....Beautiful....
  2. :tup: I hope these would be on sale at the stores!

  3. Gorgeous!!!!
  4. I have this cuff on order - it seems to be taking forever to get to the stores!
  5. Rana, I was thinking of you & xiaoxiao when I saw it in the magazine!
  6. Ooooo ... finally there is a CDC that makes my heart sing ...
  7. Wow - that's beautiful, I wonder how heavy it is? I hope yours arrives soon Ranag, I'd love to see this modelled!
  8. LOL mrss, and it will make your wallet cry!!
    It is gorgeous though.
  9. I like this new sterling silver version!

    There's also the silver metallic one. Pic credit knapsu.

  10. LOL! Is that in GBP or USD?
  11. I :heart: it

  12. :nogood:


  13. Awww thank you, girlie. Rana is the true collector, I am just the true drooler LOL.

    You know what, I was thinking about it the other day... I really appreciate the texture difference and contrast between the leather and the hardware, making the piece more edgy. But I totally can see someone wearing it elegantly, as a statement jewelry, as supposed to be an accessory.

    I guess I really have to see it in person to see if it is me. But I have to say, H is really clever making a piece of this: They have really won the hearts of the audience who initially think the leather combo CDC bracelets are too edgy for them by making a softer, more feminine version! :tup:
  14. Maybe as well be camels for all the chance I have of getting one!! :P

    More vicarious shopping with Rana for me! :tup:
  15. Tricia!!!

    If this is categorised under sterling silver jewellery, there's a chance I may be able to lay my hands on one. If it's categorised together with the rest of the CDC under leather accessories, dang .... no chance! (Only because my SA is the specialist for silver jewellery)