For all the Aussies on here, what websites do you order from??

  1. This is not just restricted to Australian's but I was wondering what websites do TPF's buy from. It is frustrating that a lot of the shopping sites that are mentioned here do not ship to Australia.
    So if any of you have some hints or good dealings with any online stores it would be much appreciated.
  2. For me: Revolveclothing, Shopbop, Mytheresa, Netaporter and I get loads of stuff from Witchery (they deliver to me in Holland).
  3. Nordstorm will deliver to Australia if you call in person and do a phone order. Shipping is US$39.60.
  4. Adasa also deliver to Australia.
  5. Thank you, that is a good start. I wish e-luxury would deliver worldwide and also department stores like Saks & Neiman Marcus. I wonder why they don't. I hear about a lot of the great deals the girls get in the US and wish they were available to those of us who don't live there.
  6. I've found that most sites do ship to Australia. Some might allow you order online, but you can call them up. I think Neiman Marcus will ship internationally if you call them.
  7. Ok, leanbeanee I will give them a try next time..Thanks
  8. - a great range, too many to list (haven't tried)
    recently a shop called
  9. oh you can use international shipping forwarding service,
    you get an US address for 10 bucks a month and get it
    delivered to there then forward it to your Australian address.
  10. Thanks, msthugalot.
  11. Oops, I mean "Some might NOT allow you TO order online..."
  12. What were you looking to buy suzie?
  13. Thanks klucelg, for posting this link!!:yahoo: I'm been wondering about the same thing and just had a look at this site, looks brilliant and very reasonable (once you've paid initial fees), think I'll try it!
  14. Not really sure leanbeanee, it's just that when they have these monster sales in the states and some of the websites have fabulous bags for huge discounts and shoes of course. But I really want a killer pair of boots and a fab choc brown leather jacket for winter.