For all of you who bought Peytons at the outlet...

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  1. Can everyone please look at your hangtag and tell me whether it states "Bleecker Street Limited Edition" or "Coach Archive Limited Edition"??

    I'm curious about something!! Based on what Brahh posted about her patent Peyton tag being stamped "Coach archive", I started investigating all of my Peytons to see if I had remembered mine being stamped "Bleecker Street" incorrectly. far all of mine, including the patent, have "Bleecker Street" stamped (NOT "Coach Archive") Limited Edition. However, I'm waiting on one Peyton to arrive from a charge send... so I don't know about that one yet.

    I'm just curious as to whether Coach changed the tag so as not to tick Bleecker Street boutique customers off (since the patent ones are selling for ~$400 at the outlet and were $900 at the boutiques/dept stores and supposedly very limited). Or...did they make more for the outlets and at that time changed the stamp to read "Coach archive"?? :shrugs: So that means that some of the bags at the outlets could be actual boutique returns/displays/overstock and some from a newer "made for outlet" production. Or I'm totally out in left field here... :P
  2. Can I comment on non-peytons with the tag? :P
  3. I guess my two are "non-Peytons!" :shrugs:
  4. Mine says Coach Archive
  5. Ouch! What do you think baglady39?
  6. I honestly don't know what to think yet. First of all, I'm assuming they are still Peytons...meaning the style number and retail tags are the same. Next question is whether there is a "F" in front of the style number on the creed. If so, that would indicate a rerelease.

    Oh, and Bunny, sure, as far as I'm concerned you can make any and all comments. I really just posted this thread because Brahh got me thinking about something with the hangtag issue, which I will write below. Oh, and Brahh, again I'm assuming that Bunny means the other items that either have tags or are marked limited edition or archive edition in some way. Some are numbered, some are not...I can't keep up with them, and we already know on at least a couple of items that the original ones were numbered "x out of xx archive edition", but later productions only had a number and were stamped "archive edition". It varies, and some are made in more limited quantities than others. I asked for a catalog, book, or something with this info last time I was at the gallery store, and I was told it doesn't exist. Even they don't have a good handle on everything that will arrive there as far as these limited items go.

    Anyway... here's the thing. I don't think I was in the client track for the patent Peytons because I had bought the red one on PCE when it first was available to order. I'm not a huge black leather or patent fan, so I didn't originally request it. However, my SA called last week when they were unpacking them and asked me if I wanted her to hold them for me, and I thought I would get the red for a friend and the black for me since it was so much cheaper at the outlet. I thought the black was a nice bag and great for my collection, as well as being weather-friendly. However, after that I remembered I already bought the black patent resort tote, my friend didn't want the red, and by then two other Peytons caught my attention elsewhere... so when I went to the outlet, I had these two patent ones in my hands, but I did not buy them and I didn't even think to look at the stamp on the tag.

    But what I noticed at the time, and I may be COMPLETELY off base with this, is that they seemed thinner than what I remembered the red patent one I have to be. I say I might be off base because I have not carried my red one in a while, and the Peytons I picked up had little to no packing materials and had been probably handled and I thought maybe they were broken in. Maybe that's still the answer, and there's NO difference in the patent or bag at all, but when you said your hangtag read differently than mine, I started thinking what I posted above. It could be they made more of these and changed the tags and/or patent...I don't know! So there might be a mix at the outlet.

    Anyway, just check your paper tags and creed, and make sure the style number, name is the same, and that there is no "F" on the creed. I just think it's interesting and not unlike Coach to want to trick everyone! To me if I like the bag, I really don't care where it came from so I would still be glad to get it, but it does annoy me when stuff like this happens...especially to what are supposed to be "limited" bags. I also don't like that they cheat and only stamp a hangtag that can easily be lost rather than stamping the creed as well as providing at least some documentation about the edition (production count, etc)...the way they do it seems cheap to me! :tdown:

    But otherwise, if you like the bag...why does it really matter?? At least this might explain how so many of them showed up at multiple outlets.
  7. Wow good eye.
    This got me thinking too so I looked around.
    This is your photo baglady39 of when you first got your red peyton, and then an ebay listing.
    Look how much smaller your tag looks than the eBay one.
    Am I seeing things?

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  8. i believe the ones on the bay have the F at the beginning
  9. IDK...I didn't really notice anything different with the tag. I didn't even think about it other than they felt floppy, etc when I picked them up at the outlet..but they were not packed much. I didn't even check for dust bags because I knew I wasn't going to take the bags.

    What we need is someone that owns both...a Bleecker St. tagged patent bag, and one that's tagged Coach archive and compare. I'm pretty sure my leather one will show up with the Bleecker tag because I suspect it was a boutique return.
  10. They don't. I just looked thru them all.
    Most do have the creed stamp though.
  11. I checked mine and it does not have an F in front of it but the tag does say Coach Archive.

    Weird. But like BagLady39 said...if you love the bag it doesn't matter. I really love my bag. It's perfect for me.
  12. this one does

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  13. You mean on the paper tag or the creed? The ones I looked at don't have the F on the creed. All the factory paper tags do have the F.

  14. Oh no, I mean in front of the style number (second set of numbers). The first set is the factory code and production date.
  15. My new red peyton from the outlet says "Coach Archive Limited Edition" on the tag, but does not have an F in front of the style number on the creed. It does have the bullseye in the corner, though.
    Regardless, I am COMPLETELY in love with my first Coach bag!! :drool: