?? for all of you that buy/sell your Coach on Ebay??

  1. I am getting the "itch":s to get rid of some of my Coach bags. I am like a lot of you , I pull them out and I think I can't part with them BUT I know in my:heart: that some of them I will never use. I am :shame:embarrassed:shame: to say, a lot of them still have tags on them.
    I need to stick to the rule that "when one comes in-----one goes out!":yes:
    So here is my ?? for you girls. When you are buying your Coach items, do you prefer items that are BIN or Best Offer, rather than waiting it out and bidding??
    When you are selling, do you like listing your bags BIN or Best offer or letting it ride out with bidding?
    Just looking for your thoughts as to what you girls prefer, I know there are quite a few of us Coachies that use eBay. Personally, I always like a BIN, I'm impatient!:lol:
    ***Although, maybe not now, with the changes coming!***
    Thanks for your opinions on this and if I posted this in the wrong area, mods please move. Thanks!:upsidedown:
  2. I prefer a buy it now when I buy and sell.
  3. Both, its nice at time to have a BIn if you're really wanting that bag, its alway nice with a bin to have a deal and use the best offer . you never know what you can save :smile:
  4. I also wanted to add that the only problem with the best offer option is to expect some REALLY lowball offers on your items. Some people get insulting with their offers. Guess you can't blame them for trying, but they are insulting sometimes. Good luck with your sales!
  5. I usually list my auctions w/ a BIN AND an auction starting bid....once the first bid is placed, the BIN disappears. This way I am giving my buyers the option! When I buy, I love BIN, but I did notice alot of sellers jack up the price to do a BIN. I dont do that when I sell, unless it's a unique, rare, hard to find item that I am selling to justify it to my buyers!!!
  6. ^^ EXACTLY!!!! That's why I dont do BIN or best offer anymore, and I just put in an auction starting price w/ my BIN.....people will really give you insulting offers....I mean even $200 less than you are asking w/ your BIN! Good luck!!!!
  7. thanks girls, I welcome all of your opinions both as buyers & sellers!
    I appreciate all of your input!:smile:
  8. fluffy~~if you have unused bags w/ tags you should return them!! Even if it's for credit!
    As a buyer I like reasonable BIN's. If I bid I wait until the last minute--if I really want it!
  9. I had an extra ticket to a concert I was going to and had a best offer option. The "buyer" offered $100 less than I was asking, so I emailed him and said thanks but I'd rather give it away to a friend. And I did!!

    Oh yeah...when I buy I prefer bin or best offer.
  10. I like BIN, but I will bid. I bid on my last two items and won them both. I never use "Make an Offer". That's just me though.
  11. I have quite a few bags with tags still on. I hate to bring them back to the store. I'd feel bad since I bought them all from the same SA over the last 4 years.
  12. If you have another Coach boutique or outlet store, go to that one and return your bags (I did this last week!). That way you can get your refund or store credit and still be able to face your favorite SA! :graucho::graucho::graucho: ...or go on his/her day off.

    ... back on topic... I prefer a reasonable BIN as both a buyer and seller. I'm not patient as a buyer and hate waiting til the last second to bid. As a buyer, I want my money right away and tend to get serious buyers who won't have remorse if they get caught up in the auction moment.
  13. BIN, i hate bidding wars that can go sky high. plus i'm impatient and want the bag NOW :biggrin:
  14. Exactly ! I hate to return if the purchase was longer than 3 months ago. That's how I end up not returning them and then not using them.
    I like buying directly from JAX, that way even if it's been a year, I can mail it back and not have to do the return face to face!
    I love getting to know the SA's except when I come in with a return, then I feel bad!
    Thanks again for all the input, keep it coming girls!:tup:
  15. ME TO!!!:tup: