For all of you ladies who do yoga - I'm about to embark on a program!

  1. Basically I'm a cardio addict, I love the high. My current regime is: I alternate cardio with a total body workout dvd. That's all good but I've found out that with my body type, I tend to bulk up easily - I'm only 5" but curvy, I weigh about a 110. I was wondering about the toning benefits of yoga, I know Jen Aniston had been doing it and her body looks awesome now, so lean and toned. For those of you who do it, do you find that it tones and firms you? I bought 2 dvds, the Kristin McGee power yoga one and the Sara Ivanhoe one, and plan to alternate them each morning and do my usual treadmill on other days. So my q is, does it really firm and tone? I'm wondering how stretching can help you..... What are the benefits of yoga and would you recommend it?
  2. I know Kristin McGee. I used to work with her in NY. She is a great instructor !:yes:

    Yes Yoga can firm and tone. There are poses that require strength to hold them (such as the side plank) so you do get stronger.

    There are SO many benefits to Yoga. You can do an online search and see. Stretching is very important to keep you from getting injured. :smile:
  3. I am a HUGE fan of FORREST YOGA!

    It is more like Iyengar yoga or power yoga. It is not a flow yoga or ashtanga. I had practiced yoga for several years and then I went to my first Forrest Yoga class - WOW! It is all about correct positioning and holding the pose for a very long time. I found that by holding the pose for an extended period really helped my flexibility AND strength. Her ab work is unbelievable and has been in Yoga Journal many times. She is all about the core.

    My instructor is 58 years old and has been practicing for over 30 years. Before she found Ana Forrest she was just a "flexible gumby". Now she is strong and muscular and toned. She has the body of a 20 year old!

    We have been to some yoga conferences together and will be in a Ana Forrest class. There are people in there who are instructors who have never heard of her but will sign up for her class. They usually die in the first 15 minutes. And not from advanced poses. She just makes you hold and hold the pose and will go around and check your alignment.

    Last week I took a class with Forrest-trained instructor and we only did a couple standing poses (other than warmup and abs and stuff) in a 90 minute class. Try holding Warrior 2 for 10 minutes on each side. We actually work thru the pose and do archer to side stretch to bird of paradise but it is still essentially the same pose. Your legs will be screaming!

    One of my favorite abs from her is to lie on your back with your legs in the air. Then you put a yoga brick between your legs (as close to your body and you can get) and squeeze. Then she works you thru the breathing and lifting and side to side so you get oblique work. Try lifting your tailbone while you are squeezing that brick. Talk about low ab work!

    Sorry for the long post - I am such an advocate. Try to find a certified instructor - it makes all the difference in the world!
  4. I said in my post that I bought 2 yoga workout dvds. :smile: No instructors though... is it recommended to alternate the 2 or to do one?
  5. Anyone? :smile:
  6. It depends on your skill and comfort level- why not try one for one week and then alternate the next week with video #2?
  7. I did the Sara Ivanhoe Crunch fat burning yoga yesterday and I find myself sore in my neck and back. However, even thought there were lotsa ab work, my abs feel normal! Not sore or anything at all... Wonder what this means.
  8. I have done hatha yoga and found it not as challenging as running on a treadmill or on a stairclimber. Last year, I discovered bikram yoga and I still find it hard. There are several poses that makes me feel as if my heart exploded. And it also toned my muscles in a much better way than lifting weights. I am leaner now, less bulky than before.