For all of you COACH s/a's

  1. Hey!! I was just wondering if the outlet s/a's get a discount at the regular coach stores?? And if it the same (50%off i think??) discount?
  2. I've read YES they do but they have to ask if it is a good time to come over and shop if they say YES then they can go Stophle was an outlet SA she would know but this is what I think I have read her say.
  3. all employees get the same discount, whether you work at an outlet or a regular boutique. and as with any coach store, we prefer you shop on less busy days...but it's all with management. my manager is so niiiice.....i love her.
  4. Yep, what reddianasaur said is correct. She got it in one. *great memory girl!* :smile:
  5. wow 50% off! Is there a limit to what you can purchase? Like a certain amount for a given amount of time?
  6. Yes, there is ^^.
  7. ^what she said. ;)
  8. Ohh, okay I swear, if the outlets were closer, I'ld sooo get a job there! Even though there is a limit, thats stilll hella good, 50% already sale prices at the outlet? Thats soo sweet!
  9. Actually it's 65% off at the outlet. It isn't off of the sale price though, it's off of the original Factory Price. So for example, if there's a bag that has an MSRP (or boutique price) of $425, and has a Factory Price of $390, but you find in the clearance section marked down to $275 (I'm just pulling random numbers out of the air for this. *L*), then you would end up getting the bag for $253.50 + tax. (If I did my math right. *L*) So you'd ignore the clearance price and take the 65% off of the $390.
  10. Ohhhh! Thanks for clearing it up! You are awesome Stophle! Thats still very good and you have heads up on what comes in!

  11. At 65% off, wouldn't that be $253.50 off, leaving a buying price of $136.50? Or am I reading that wrong?
  12. Another question for the S/A's. If a customer brings in a Coach purse asking for it to be authenticated, will you tell them if it is fake or just always say it's real?

  13. Thats so great. I was wondering because Im thinking about getting me a little job to get out of the house...and I wasnt even going to attempt to get a job at the outlets if I wasnt gonna get a discount! lmao
    And I think the limit is like $10,000 a year isnt it?
    Thats so soon as I come back from vacation Im headed out to get me a job! lol
  14. That's wrong.

    Also, please remember that it is against the integrity of the company to discuss any of these things (discount, limits etc) so please be mindful of asking these questions. A lot of people besides members view this website and this is why many people don't discuss their name and location because many SA's have gotten in trouble all over the forum.