For all of the Lily lovers here ???

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  1. I was talking on the phone tonight with my SA and I asked if there would be any new colors for Lily that she may have heard about.
    She said they are phasing out Lily , both sizes. Could this be true:wtf:, has anybody else heard anything??:crybaby: I'm bummed!
  2. Yes, this is what I heard least for the large size. All of the "proposed" colors that have been entered into the system have magically all disappeared. I was told these bags didn't have a big following due to the weight of the bags (and cost). It's a real shame...I would have SO loved more colors in at least the large size!!!
  3. :crybaby:
  4. Ok, now that it's coming from you, I believe it!;) I am so disappointed.:crybaby:
    I have had my name in the outlet for a while to be called if they get any in but so far only the denim.

  5. You can have them search other outlets, and they can do this nationwide. At one point Lancaster had the medium camel lily, but they probably have sold was in the back room retail vault when I was there one time. You should also get on multiple lists...any place that you would consider driving to just in case one comes in.

    I wouldn't say my sources are necessarily fact, but I've heard that for a while from diff. boutiques. I was really hoping for clay!!
  6. :sad: Sorry to hear that....but I love my three. I would still LOVE to get the CAMEL!!!

    fluffy614...if I see any at my outlets I will let you know...any particular color you are looking for as I have seen both the camel and the XL whiskey.
  7. Lisa, thank you , that's so sweet of you. Either size , any color.
  8. Aww that is sad. I Love the large lily and hoped to own one, one day...
  9. :crybaby:
  10. Lisa Lisa

    How much are the large lily's going for at your outlet? We have an outlet in Oregon - but no large lily's. :tdown:

    I would LOVE to get my hands on a brand new one in black or whiskey.
  11. Im so happy that I decided to get my Lily now. I have the medium (I could NEVER do an XL!). I kind of ordered it on a whim after reading so many posts on here about the Lilys, so thank you guys! Its one of the few bags in which I "followed the crowd" on and I must say I couldnt be happier that I did.

  12. :tup::yes:
  13. oh no!
    i've always wanted medium lily in a "color"!
  14. I think it was around $850. after the 20% off. I saw a whiskey one.
  15. Me too. Oh well...:crybaby: