For all of the Legacy stripe LOVERS!

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  1. When I saw this I thought, WOW, Coach has come out with a Legacy Vespa!
    Isn't this cute?:yes:

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  2. I saw that somewhere too, it's adorable!!
  3. Ever since my first time in Italy, I've longed for a Vespa!! And I'm also a big sucker for the legacy stripes so this would be perfect for me! But unfortunately, living in Maine, I wouldn't get a lot of use out of it!
  4. i love the colors!
  5. Cuuuuute!! I've been (jokingly) saying that I'm going to get a Vespa with the way gas prices are going but with one this cute that will coordinate with my bags.......hmmmmmmm.......
  6. I saw the Vespa on my Gap mailer and I immediately thought of the Legacy stripes!! Too cute!
  7. how adorable hu...its pictured on the gap website
  8. yeah, i thought it was gap.... but still, very cute!
  9. aww...i want it now!!! boyfriend of mine....
  10. Oh man, I usually hate "branded" things besides what they specialize in but I LOVE this! Cute!