For all my Popincourt Haut lovers:

  1. So I went to lunch with a coworker at Don Pablo's today...we had such horrible service and cold food :evil: but that's a whole nother story...

    Anywhoo, as we were waiting to be seated, I was standing off to the side near the hostess stand, when a lady came by. She said to me " very nice bag!" and when I looked at her, she had her Popincourt Haut. So we looked down at our bags (we were both carrying them by hand, and not on the shoulder) and were talking about how we love them. I had my damier cles attached to the outside (because I lose my keys too easily), and she liked how I did that (made me wish I had a cerises cles!). Plus we both had our pochettes inside on the D-ring...

    I've seen 3 PH in Columbus so it's not very often when I get to have LV=lov e:love: conversations like this, but I thought it was cute and wanted to share!
  2. Aww.. that's so cute ! I wish I had a cerises cles to clip to the outside of mine as well, it's one of my biggest regrets, not buying one ! :shame:

    I've yet to meet anyone like that while carrying my PH (which I did today.. also with my pochette clipped inside on the D-ring !). Once I saw this flustered Louis Vuitton SA trying to help an oldish Chinese lady and her grown son decide on the bag, and she was trying on the Popincourt. Since I was carrying mine as well, I had to chime in and say that it was a good choice.. she'd be one styling granny with a PH , but that story is definitely not as cute !
  3. Do you carry your small items inside your pochette is that why you attach it?
    I thought that ring was to attach your keys too.
  4. Personally, it's my anti-theft device. :shame: I figure it's twice as hard for someone to actually take my wallet if it's inside another zipped pouch. Plus it really helps to seperate things so you have a better if idea of what's where when you're rumaging through your bag !
  5. cool!
  6. i'm a mess...i put everything i don't need in my bag, but i have this thing about it's a struggle...

    inside my pochette i put my wallet, cell phone, lipglass/lipgloss, mirror, and pocket organizer. i leave that in the pochette all the time because i go to school and work, so i can put the pochette in any bag i carry and have the essentials...

    technically i should probably put my keys on there, but a lot of times i attach it to the outside of the bag so i'll see it, but usually i keep them in my pocket.

    plus, like ayla said, you can't steal a wallet attached to a'd have to take my whole bag, and by the time you get to doing that, i'm calling the police!!