For All Moms: Diaper Bags - Yes or no?


Mar 19, 2006
HI...i'm new to the forum, but had a question for all the moms here.

Do you carry only a diaper bag or do you carry a diaper bag and your own handbag?

For me personally I'm somewhat feeling stiffled by carrying this huge diaper bag around with all the kids' stuff (i have two under three) I love handbags but find that I talk myself out of buying some because they are impractical or i feel that i won't ever use them. I cannot get myself to carry an additional handbag because I feel like I already have to keep track of so much stuff. Because i'm a SAHM, i don't indulge in work bags to divert some of my frustrations.

For the first couple of years, i found myself looking for the best diaper bag and was satisfied, but now I'm really reconsidering and thinking of indulging in a bag for me.

How do other moms deal with this situation?

When my son was in the baby age I never carried a diaper bag with me just a big handbag. I didn't want to look too mummsy and therefor I carried my beloved no name suede hobo. Get a bag for yourself because as a mum you buy most things anyway for your kid(s). Spoil yourself!:smile:
Have you seen Stork Saks? They are darling, I am thinking of buying one for myself! (no kidlets for me, I just love all of the pockets and compartments).

I think you should definitely indulge in a nice bag for yourself. Your stuff shouldn't be forced to hang out with the babywipes and crumbled goldfish crackers! :smile:
I only carry one bag for me and my DD. For me, the perfect solution to a diaper bag and a handbag is all wrapped up in one, the LV mono mini diaper bag. I've been using it for the past 19 months whenever I'm out with my DD. The design is similar to the double saddle Dior gaucho. One 'saddle' is for the baby stuff and the other 'saddle' is for my stuff. It's a nifty design! What I love about this bag is that it does not look or feel like a diaper bag at all!

Of course, I still buy handbags for times when I'm out by myself. I understand your feelings completely. Taking care of a baby is a difficult task let alone two! I say treat yourself to one as a reward for your hard work! :biggrin:

If you still feel guity buying a bag for your self, how about finding a stylish tote that would accomodate yours and the babies stuff. For me, I'm looking to purchase bigger handbags or totes so I can transition out of the diaper bag phase. As she gets older, I'm finding that I need to carry less and less for her.

I tried attaching pics of my diaper bag so you could get an idea but kept getting invalid post or something.
Not a mom, but I hang out with someone with children and I wish they would find a diaper bag! Granted, they are male, but there are some that can be unisex. We usually end up trying to fit stuff in shopping bags or something, he needs to get a diaper bag!
How about just getting any big tote of your choice and buying a seperate roll-up matt to stick in it? The matt seems to be the only thing that makes a bag a "diaper bag" anyway.
happypug said:
Is he a really good friend? Would his GF get mad if you got him one? I mean moms get a lot of presents but what about Dads :sad2: ?

^^^I'm not sure he and his baby's mama are still together, and hes just a really good friend. I have a policy about not spending $$$ on men I'm not sleeping with though :lol:
well I wasn't into handbags when I was carrying a diaper bag but I do know that my diaper bags had to be easily washable inside because I was always spilling or leaking stuff inside the bag so I stuck with the traditional diaper bag. sometimes I would just throw the whole thing in the wash, but I always had at least two in diapers at a time and I was always dropping the kids AND the diaper bag off at someones house so you have to take your daily routine into consideration when choosing that lovely bag. Any bag you pick, when the kids are finally out of diapers you are going to want to burn that bag and never see it again.