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  1. Hi All - a quick question regarding the lilac EPI nocturne - when was this discontinued/produced? I remember seeing some in Milan in 2001 and I am guessing the lilac couleur was halted after 2002...

    I'm a newbie - thanks to you for such a wonderful resource and power to the consumer! And kudos to you all for convincing me (unknowingly to join this forum!):yahoo:
  2. hmm...no one's responding. Is it because my question is so ridiculous and the nocturne's were never made in lilac, or because there is no answer? Sorry, but am feeling a bit left out :crybaby: - it's my first forum ever and I am being rejected just as in life!
  3. Hi! Welcome to The Purse Forum. :smile: Unfortunately I'm not an Epi enthusiast. So I couldn't help you with your question, but I'm sure if you give the thread some time, someone will come along and help. Good luck!
  4. no no no, you are not being rejected !

    I have the same question about the butter yellow epi that came out a few years ago. I will probably never find one new/unused.
    I hate it when i miss a colour.
    So I made sure I got the mandarin colour in the petite noe.
    Good luck, someone will answer you about the lilac !;)
  5. Thank you j'aime vuitton - I should have called that EPI connoisseur or even LV enthusiast haha. You dont have to like EPI to know of it, I suppose. Thanks for responding though!
  6. sorry I dont have a clue, I just looked at the epi reference guide and It doesnt have any dates :sad:
  7. Thanks Gerlbergirl - at least I know i have a valid question! Don't you hate it when they get rid of what works for you? I have the worst luck with cosmetics (Dior and YSL lipsticks in particular) and shoes...they always discontinue what works for me!
  8. Socialite - where is the reference guide? Searchable online or something you have?
  9. someone says on eBay that it was discontinued in 2004 but Im not too sure :smile:
  10. Bordelle- Welcome- I love epi and have a lilac noe- but I don't know when they were produced so I'm sorry:sad: I can't answer your question. vbmenu_register("postmenu_1975201", true);

  11. Okay you are not being rejected...not everyone is on all the time...No worries:yes: ... I am not sure when it was produced, but if it was lilac it was discontinued a while back. Most of these questions can be posted in the LV reference library subforum. My catalouge is from 2002 and it has a picture of the nocturne:smile: . Hope this helps!:flowers:

  12. I'm going to add some dates that I know of for when these were available (if people could add years that would be a great help!):
    Updated Epi Color List + Dates Available:

    1. Mandarine (Orange) : Discontinued 2006
    2. Noir-black : Always available
    3. Moka (Deep Brown)
    4-5. Rouge- Red
    a. Old red with blue undertones (Darker)
    b. New Red (Looks like Cherry) Brighter: Available 2006
    6. Tassil Yellow (Vibrant)
    7. Borneo Green (Forest green): Available 1996
    8. Lilac : Available 2002
    8-10. Blue
    a. Toledo (Brighter blue color)
    b. Myrtille (Deeper Blueberry Blue)
    11. Fawn (Just like a deer)
    12. Vanilla (Very light yellow base) : Available 2000
    13. Canelle (Tanish- in between moka and fawn): Available 2006
    14. Pepper (Greyish)
    15. Cipango Gold
    16. Winnipeg Sable (very rare shade of brown):
  13. i think you should do an online search to see if they have that bag.
  14. Thank you Ghost! In the 2002 catalogue you mention, is the colour lilac one of the available shades for the nocturne? I've seen the dinard in lilac in the automne/hiver catalogue for 01/02 but no nocturne. I have a catalogue for this year, and it usually lists the available shades for each bag type.

    I do know the lilac was created and discontinued around 2002 or so, and I had read the thread you provided a link to. I didn't see much mention of the nocturne and specifically in lilac, so I figured a new thread would be the best way.

    I am pretty certain mine is an authentic, but I want to remove any shadow of a doubt by determining if this bag was made in this colour ever - since with the Hermes Scarves you can tell it's not real if the boutique never manufactured it in the colour you're looking at - speaking from experience!