For all dutch ladies: sales at Mulberry Den Haag!

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  1. For all dutch Mulberry lovers:

    Mulberry Den Haag has final sales. Bad news is that it's because they are closing down.


    I don't know exactly what they have as they were not open on Sundays (discovered that when I stood in front of a closed store), but from the stuff in the window it looked like 40-50% off.

    I'm planning to call them next week to see when they are closing down.

    So get your bags while you can!
  2. Update (if anyone is interested, otherwise I'm just talking to myself):

    They do not have the new collection, it's more an outlet now, selling all the leftovers and old models. The sale started last Saturday, and will continue until 13 October. Limited stock, so get there as soon as you can.

    The store really is closing down, not relocating. So the only place left is the Amsterdam store.
  3. Thanks for sharing, I only wish I had a chance to go to the Netherlands and check it out...