For all COACHIES who LOVE Pink....

  1. ....take a look at this beauty (COACH leather pocket satchel, $298, Style 12276)!
    It's small at only 8 (L) x 5 1/4 (H) x 2 3/4 (W) but it's cute!

    (Legacy Boutique exclusive)

  2. Wow - that is super cute!! Do you know if it comes in other colors? If it comes in black it's soooo mine. Thanks for posting this! :yes:
  3. oh how cute! the hangtag looks like it is overtaking it!!! :p
  4. the huge hangtag on it! It's a little too bubblegum for me personally, but it looks very adorable!
  5. Very cute! Where did ya find the pic??:nuts:
  6. I was ready to say YESSSS! But sadly, it doesn't. The colors are all springy:


    (They're so cute all lined up like that!)

  7. hehe i agree with you! The hangtag is huge. Looks cute though, i would get it if it were a hot pink like the magenta but then again it might be too small.
  8. Oh that is so very cute! The hangtag does look quite large, but it very cute and the pink is pretty!
  9. Very cute!
    Sad too small for me:cursing:
  10. I know--me too! It's got to be at least 12 inches (L) for me!

  11. Yeah--if you look at it closely, it kind of looks like it was photoshopped in or something. It's a huge hangtag!

  12. aww that's cute! If I worked outside the home I would get one!! I have no use for s small bag right now!
  13. aw what a cutie!! I love the pink and the white version!!
  14. Cute colors! I would have loved black but I really like the first one, too. :yes: