For all much would you pay for a COACH wallet?

  1. Hey my fellow coachies... just wondering if any of you that don't wish to spend big bucks on a full priced COACH wallet (any size), like myself... but I'm just curious to know how much some of you would spend on one if you were to buy one off of (ex: eBay, at the outlet or whereever else it may be where you can get it on sale... )?? I think I would be willing to spend about... $150 at the most.... ??? :s
  2. Hello, Coachgirl me personally Im only going to spend upto $200 thats it no more. I was on Coach this morning trying to decide on a wallet and how much i want to spend i found 1 on there for $108 I think that will be my next purchase.
  3. I just bought the Tattersall Framed French Purse wallet on Sunday and paid $198 for it, but I love it and can use it with everything.
  4. That is exactly my own mental limit. I just got my first Coach wallet w/ PCE for about $150 - up until now I have never been able to bring myself to spend so much on a wallet when that could go towards a new bag.

    I thought about it, though, and I change out my bags a lot but use the same wallet forever, so I figure it was actually a good buy because I will get a lot of use out of it. :yes:
  5. You found one for $108? Can I ask you which one you were looking at? I'm tryinig to find one, but I just don't want to spend retail on it... I love to match, but I mean in the end its just not worth it to pay $200+ for a wallet when its inside of your bag, and your the only one thats going to be seeing it... :yes:
  6. I'm with ya greenpixie! :tup:
  7. Definitely less than $100 for me. I'd rather put that $$ towards more bags.
  8. I never thought I'd pay the amount I have for a wallet, either, but when the Heritage Stripe wallet came out in the zip-around, I had to have it and I didn't even want to wait for PCE. So I happily paid $218 for a wallet and I absolutely adore it. It is the most convenient wallet I've ever owned and it was well worth the price as it will last forever.

    But outlets often have good deals on wallets, too. There are made for outlet wallets which are really reasonably priced, and then there are either returns or deletes if you get there at the right time. For example, my outlet had the new pink full-size Legacy wallet today, but it was only about $10 off the normal price with 20% off of that, so the savings on it weren't huge.

    I used to resist getting a wallet because they can be half the price of a bag, but actually having one that is perfect for me has changed my mind regarding what they are worth!
  9. The most I have spent was like $120 on my new bleecker clutch, I always sell my old wallet on eBay when I get a new one.
  10. OH this is a shame but I have spent 400-500 on a wallet before , not coach but LV and MJ. I have spent over 200 on a Coach wallet as well. I am bad for having to have the matching acc's, I wish I weren't because I sure would have even more to spend on bags, lol :smile:
  11. I would pay up to $180 or so with shipping and tax included if I buy off ebay... But I try to get them cheaper...
  12. My limit for wallets (regardless if its Coach or any other designer) is $250 plus tax. After that, my mind always thinks "hey, I could have bought a bag!" or at least saved a good chunk of change for a new one.
  13. WOW nutz... you serious? 400-500? I mean I can see how LV and MJ are that high w/prices... but you could get like 2 bags for that much! haha... I wish I had that much money to spend on matching accessories!! More power to ya!! :p
  14. $100, at most.

    Because I'd much rather get a bag than a wallet, and when the wallet prices start equaling or being more than the bag itself, I find that really ridiculous.

  15. ^^^ TOTALLY agree margarita!! :yes: