For all BV Addicts lusting after the perfect blue!

  1. After seeing Valerieteo's wonderful Montaigne, I just wanted to post a pic I found on of this beautiful blue that BV has released for Cruise 08. A gorgeous Ocean Veneta, and this pic perfectly captures this amazing colour. I can imagine this bag looking perfect with jeans! Enjoy!
    blue veneta.jpg
  2. i saw the new blue in a canvas tote and it is tdf. i think it is called oceano. i think it is also the blue in the multi- cabat.
    i love it but don't know if i'll get anything in it. i hate to buy a canvas tote at full price since they will almost certainly go on sale.
    have gotten a lot of bags last year and want to use and enjoy them. but it is tempting.
  3. ^ITA with you annie9999 I have a Chanel bag (not classic flap) in exactly the same colour so I don't know if I'll get anything in the oceano even though it is TDF. I actually thought the montaigne looked the best in this colour compared to the venetas.
  4. Love this blue~~!!
  5. Gorgeous blue!!
  6. I have seen the exact bag in BV boutique. It's beautiful but I don't know if I will buy it. I prefer to wait for other colors to come out, if any.
  7. it's definitely a gorgeous bag, but i would hesitate to buy it because it's going to be difficult to coordinate with my wardrobe. i am normally in warmer shades of browns, reds and taupes.
  8. The Oceano is def a gorgeous colour, especially in the Veneta style! However, I'm not really a blue bag kinda girl, so I'm just gonna wait and drool over pics from the other PFers who can pull off Oceano with much aplomb (which I'm sure we will have lots of!) :popcorn:
  9. I'm with aca, def a warm colour person. Anything cool would totally wash me out.
  10. if u need convincing id be happy to post modeling pics :graucho::graucho:

  11. Wow! Do you have one Valerieteo? :graucho:

    I would just love to see this colour modelled - I bet it is gorgeous! :drool:
  12. Did you all see these pics that popped up on net-a-porter a while back?

    I'm not sure about this color. It appears very bright in these pics; I think I'd prefer a more-muted blue.


    NAP1.jpg NAP2.jpg
  13. :heart:yeap sure.. here u are!
    DSC01026.JPG DSC01031.JPG DSC01033.JPG
  14. ^^^Looks fab on you, congrats valerieteo!!!!
  15. What a bright cherry blue. valerieteo you look fantastic! :girlsigh: