For a start... and pls name them for me ;p

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  1. #1 Feb 2, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2010
    hiiii... to all :smile:
    so, definately im a newcomer here (see, my post were only 33 and 34 including this!) i just bought 4 coach handbags last month and was so excited, i guess this is for a start. :P since i was soooo excited at that time, i threw away all the price tags. and now, i dont even know who they r... :sad: pls... coachies out there, help me...
    thank u so much!

    pic 1: pic 2 : pic 3
    pic 4: pic 5

    pic 5 is actually a wallet

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  2. I know pic 1 is an ali hobo and pic 4 is a bonnie convertible and pic 5 is a parker wallet. Not sure of the others

    great start tho!
    Congrats and welcome!
  3. pic 1: ali signature hobo can't tell what size, kinda looks like a small or medium
    pic 2: no clue
    pic 3: I believe is a MFF (made for factory)swing pack
    pic 4: a fold over from the Bonnie collection
    pic 5: Parker signature wallet (medium)

    That's the best I can do, someone else can help more. If you look on the inside on the creed there are #s that may help.
  4. I think pic 2 is a hamptons signature clip hobo... but I'm not 100% sure. :s
  5. thanks!
  6. thank u butterlite. yup, i think no 3 is a MFF too. btw, i bought them from Coach factory outlet in Las Vegas.
  7. hurmmm... so it is from hamptons collection? thanks nway... :smile:
  8. Great start! the ali is cute. BTW you should keep all of your tags and receipts just in case you need them down the road, ie for resale???
  9. yes... u r definitely rite. :crybaby: now im having a prob of reconizing them too.
  10. as far for now, i got these from the responds:

    pic 1: ali signature hobo (small/medium) small mayb?? im not sure too, huhu...
    pic 2: no clue yet, ANYBODY??
    pic 3: swing pack/crossbody, ANYBODY??
    pic 4: a fold over from the Bonnie collection
    pic 5: Parker signature wallet (medium)

    :oh: still waiting...
  11. hi!! and welcome to tPF!! :welcome2:

    i've had great luck googling bags using coach and the style number ("coach _______") off the creed on the inside of the bag... the style number is the second set of numbers on the bottom of the patch inside... if you're still having trouble, you can maybe post the style numbers and some folks might have a better idea of what the unknowns are
  12. Searching on eBay by coach and the style number might help you find it too! :smile:
  13. yes, almost find them!

    Pic 1: Coach Ali Khaki Signature Satin Small Hobo
    Pic 2: Coach Hamptons Signature Hobo
    Pic 4: Coach Bonnie Leather Foldover Clutch and crossbody
    Pic 5: Parker Signature Wallet (Medium)

    hurm... still looking for no. 3. there is no creed on the inside of the bag. does it mean it is a fake one?! but i bought it from the Coach outlet :thinking:
    does anybody out there has this family of my crossbody? mine need a name... huhu...
  14. thank u!
  15. u r very helpful, thanks for ur help :smile: