For a First Chloe Bag; which bag please?


What to choose?

  1. Chloe Paddington

  2. Chloe Betty

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  1. I am torn between a paddington and a betty.

    I like Paddington's design overall except for the huge lock, the leather is thick n scrumptious, the colors vibrant. Is this bag a TRENDY or classic bag? Is it OUT already? Can I carry the paddington without the lock on it?

    I also like Betty. Its edgy ( like my b bags). But do you reckon its a trendy bag ? Hows the leather like? Thin or thick as paddis? Medium or small betty?

    What bag is more of a Classic and looks nice with t-shirt/jeans type of gal.

    Help please. thanks
  2. Hmmm, i voted for a betty. The leather is thicker and you can definitely get more wear from it. If you do get a paddy, carrying the lock is essential because that's what makes the bag... yea it does weigh WAY more than a bbag, but i :heart: it.
  3. Paddy = although is a difficult decison to pick between them!
  4. For your first Chloe I think the Paddington because it is so classic and IMO, the best ever Chloe bag :love: The leather is TDF as are all the lovely colours!!! :drool:

    I love the Betty too though and own one myself so it really depends what you want from a bag. The Betty is more edgy I think and to be honest, it is more practical than the Paddy (I love all the pockets). If you choose Betty then I prefer the small size. I have the first season Medium size with the three pockets which is perfect but I don't think it is made anymore?

    Both look equally great with jeans I think.

    Let us know what you decide :yes:
  5. I voted for the Betty, too.

    Just because, out of the two, it's nearer my style.

    Both are gorgeous bags, though. :heart: :heart: :heart: It just boils down to personal taste. :yes:

    I think the Paddy has definitely reached, or passed, saturation point. But after its obligatory 'so over' period, I think, in the long run, it will be regarded as an iconic bag. :biggrin:

    Phoebe Philo designed it, after all! :biggrin:

  6. ITA. :yes:

    I think the Paddy looks much better with the lock attached. :biggrin:

    But, that, obviously, increases the weight, unfortunately.
  7. I prefer a paddy, but you have to get what strikes you. Because you are the one that's going to be using it. I recommend trying them both on and see which one you are attracted to.
  8. Although both are gorgeous bags, I vote for the paddington as well. I do agree with chloehandbags that in the long run, it will become an iconic bag for Chloe.
  9. I agree with elongreach 100%.
    I voted for the Paddy.
    Reason #1, weight concern - I used to own both the Paddy and the Betty. Got rid of the Betty because of its weight. The Paddy without lock weighs 2 lb. With the lock, it's 2.5 lb. The medium Betty weighs about 4 lb! Believe me, when you shop and are out all day, each lb appears to be more than 5 lbs.

    Reason #2, style - The paddy is dressier looking. Yo can wear it in a pretty dress as well as jeans. It can pass for semi-formal and yet goes fantastically chic in casual outfits. The Betty, on the other hand, looks like a boxy school bag. Its biggest appeal its roomy size and shape that can hold a lot of stuffs especially paper and books. The paddy can hold a lot of personal items, but cannot keep papers unbent or unfolded. However, if yo are looking for a bag to hold your paperwork, then go with a light weight LV canvas bag.

    Both the Paddy and Betty have excellent leather (and thus the weight) that makes them worth (and look expensive) every penny.

    P/S Keep the lock on the Paddy. IT is what makes the Paddy special. My vain self does not mind carrying that extra 1/2 lb just to look pretty.
  10. The Paddington is gorgeous and will always be "in"....
  11. Although the Paddy was my first Chloé, I voted Betty because I think it is more versatile.
  12. Okay for me this is a no-brainer. I vote for the paddy. It is so distinctive and even the medium classic size is very roomy! The betty is a nice bag, but it's much more a casual bag and the paddy can be dressed up or down. The lock really "makes" the paddy, so if you get one, don't take it off:smile: You'll get used to the weight.;) A nice neutral color, or black would be best for a first one. Then you can really start your addiction!:nuts: Good Luck:smile::jammin:
  13. I vote for the Paddy because that is the bag that is the true it bag and that started (I think) the Chloe IT bag phenomenon - I wear mine without the lock and it doesn't bother me the lock is not on it . . . I love both bags, but as a first bag, I would go with the paddy . . . then the dilemma is, what color? :yes:

    I think the paddy is always going to be a classic . . . I think alot of the "breakthrough" bags are always going to be considered true vintage in the future . . .
  14. I vote for the Edith actually - I love the Paddy and Betty, but I think the Edith is perhaps more classic - depends on what you want it for though really! I use the Edith for work, so it suits me fine. :yes:
  15. I prefer the Paddy because it's an iconic Chloe bag. But it has been over already for a while, now it's up to people who simply love this bag and as you can see, it's has quite a loyal following.

    The Betty will go anywhere casual. She's quite functional and doesn't have an overwhelming lock. I don't think you can go wrong with either bag, I just prefer the Paddy.

    Good luck!!!