For a 31 yr old chick, which is better White MC Trouville or White MC Alma?


Best for me?

  1. White MC Trouville

  2. White MC Alma

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  1. A month ago I decided against a White MC for me then started checking them out again and saw one at the mall tonight and now I am back to obsessing....

    so which would suit a 31 (almost 32) yr old best - a White MC Trouville or White MC Alma?
  2. I think they're both great bags - it just depends on which shape you like better. Personally, I prefer the trouville, and I've seen a lot of ladies look very elegant with it.
  3. I love Alma in MC
  4. I like the trouville better.
  5. alma
  6. MC Alma!! I just got one... I'll be 30 in a couple of months.
  7. Trouville, you can dress it up or down ;)
  8. Trouville, both elegant yet casual
  9. I love the MC Alma and I just turned 38!
  10. I vote for Alma!:love:
  11. Trouville.
  12. They're both nice.
  13. i love the Trouville :love:

    i never liked the shape of the Alma. there's just something that bugs me about it.
  14. Both are gorgeous, but I really love the Alma in MC!
  15. I don't think age has anything to do with a bag! Any of the multicolor bags are considered fun, look at me bags so get what you like best.