For a 16 year old?Too old??

  1. I was browsing on eBay and i found a lot of cute bags.....2 i really have in mind,i was thinking of getting a used monogram Noe and a Red or Brown Epi speedy 25.

    I really would like to start a big LV collection with different style then people my age usualy get.

    Im 16 soo...would it be weird to see a 16 year old with a epi speedy?or a used mono Noe?Because they are more classic styles.....but i have to say i really like them...What can i say i have a classic taste for my age hihihi.

    I really dont know what to get.....Decisions decisions...:confused1:
  2. Don't care about age, get what you want. I'd say go for the epi speedy in colour.

    What can I say, early is never too early?
  3. the question is WHY NOT?! LV doesn't have an age requirement, right? hehe! :biggrin: Anyway, it's a good thing to start collecting in such a young age! I started working when I was 15.. HOW I WISH I STARTED COLLECTING LVS AT THAT TIME... :sad:
  4. My daughter got a Petit Noe (for a 'petit' bag though it's very big) for her 15th birthday this year. She preferred a used one over a brand new one. She saw one with a TDF patina and asked for it. I certainly didn't mind not having to spend the $$ for a brand new one!! lol!
    She tried on a Speedy and for her build, it looked ridiculous. She's definately more of a 'shoulder' bag kind of girl than a 'hand' bag girl. The Noe looked like it was made for her.
    So anyway, a Noe is a perfect bag for a young lady, in my opinion.
  5. I think that the Epi Jasmin is so cute and at your young age this bag will look awesome. Also the Speedy Mini Lin. I'm not a big fan of the Noe but I think it will look nice with a teenager. :tup:
  6. im almost 16 :smile: i definitely think you should get whatever YOU want. it doesnt matter what other people like or think is old...
  7. Well i think i will get a Brown epi speedy 25...i really fallen in love with it!!!
  8. I think both would look cute on you although I'm leaning towards the epi speedy because red is such a bold and bright colour that you could pull if off.
  9. I think speedy 25 or petit noe would look great. Noe could hold books, etc well if you need to carry those things, and easier to carry being it has a shoulder strap. For smaller items I would choose the speedy.
  10. i love the mono noe, i think its just fab, i will probably get that in the summer for my little high school graduation gift. 16 is not too early at all =D i started with LV around that age
  11. epi is so classic! i don't think you can go wrong with either of those styles. the noe def looks a bit more casual. i say save up for them both! can't wait to see which you decide on.
  12. My daughter is 16 and she has the Papillon26 and Speedy25. She likes the Noe too.

    If you like them get them.
  13. Get what you like! I like the brown epi speedy 25....nice choice.
  14. I think you should get what you want, what would make you happy and something you would actually use. Good luck ... can't really go wrong with either one.
  15. Yup, get whatever you like!! I'm almost 16 and I don't really care what other people think, as long as I'm happy in the end. I think a Noe would be perfect, and I love Epi + Speedy!