For $400.00 how useful is the Epi Pochette accessories compared 2 other Epi items?


Which would you spend $400.00 on or towards?

  1. Buy the epi pochette accessories?

  2. Use the $400.00 towards something else?

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  1. The new Epi has stolen my heart:love: so I’m trying to plan my “LV budget”.:sweatdrop:

    How useful do you think the Epi Pochette accessories bag is?
    I use my mono and Damier Pochette accessories for everything from make-up to paper work to just keeping inside my bigger bag as a pull out small bag for when I want to run in and out of a place, but the Epi ones seem too nice to do that with…
    What do you think?

    Would you spend the money on the accessories bag or use the money toward something else?

    I really appreciate your input – Thank you!!!:flowers:
  2. I personally wouldn't get much use out of it since it's very small, would buy something else.
  3. althought I sure don't need another one - I'm thinking the money may be better spend towards a wallet.
    I have several right now -- but none it these great epi colors :p
  4. I think a wallet is the way to go. I remember when it cost $300 not that long ago, and I refuse to pay $400, no matter how much I want it. Why not wait for it to pop up on Let-Trade? You can use the money now towards anything else in the same great colors.
  5. Your totally right ...I remember when the price was quite a bit lower.

    I actually have several wallets and sure don't need another one :shame:
    I just want to get something useful in these great colors :smile:
  6. Do you have a 4 or 6 key holder? That's something you can use everyday. I have two sets of keys, so I could justify two! How about a zippy coin purse or similar? We can help you justify anything :graucho:.
  7. I'd go for a wallet!!
  8. I absolutely think its worth the money. Yes it went up in price (everything has these days cause of our economy) but this is something you will be able to use for years! If you think the lV canvas is great, know that the epi leather is even better quality... I've had my epi pochette for at least 8 years (use it very frequently as a clutch and bag within a big bag) and it still looks new. (and No i don't baby it) I especially think if you love the new colors it could be a great alternative vs buying a bigger bag, so that you have something fun to use now while the color is hot, and use later tucked inside a bag...
  9. It really depends on what you'd use it for. Personally, I'd get it. It's something that I can use when I want something light to take with like when going out to dinner or just running quick errands.
  10. I think if you really love it, go for it - the price is only going to go up from here! If you're really not that into, go for the wallet!
  11. I love pochette so cute... also you can save some more money and you can get the wallet also...
  12. The epi fits less than mono and damier, if you wanna get it since you like the new colors I'd get the pochette. epi is high quality and looks beautiful, but it's not really useful because it fits less stuff KWIM? I don't regret buying my black pochette (first LV love ^^) with Gold HW, but honestly now with only silver HW and inflated price I'm not sure whether I'd get a new epi piece...
  13. I think it's worth it. You said yourself that you use your others quite often. Epi is great too because you can take it out in rain and not have any vachetta worries. I love Epi, and I've been considering getting a pochette as well.
  14. This was my second choice before getting a deal on a perfo pochette on eBay
  15. I was thinking about getting that too since I absolutely LVoe that color, however I have one in the discontinued yellow and have not used it in years. So I think I may just get the montaigne clutch instead ~ so pretty!

    If you LVoe it and use small bags often, then I'd go for it!