For $1500.00 do you like it?

  1. This is not my style.. I don't know what the other one looks like:smile:
  2. I like it but would tire of the studs everywhere.
  3. Too much metal for my taste.
  4. Glad I asked..I have a Suhali Le Fab and never carry it and this may end up going to the back end of the close too.
    Thank you!
  5. Funny, I've never seen a Jimmy Choo Ross with all those studs. Are you sure it's authentic? Here is a pic of a Ross from the JC website...
  6. Too many stud thingys for me.
  7. WAAAAAY too much hardware! That bag is going to be so dated soon. For $1500, I'd get something else for sure.
  8. Not for $1500.00
  9. Yeah, get something else :smile:
  10. I think that $1500 is high for this bag.
  11. Swanky: Please see post #6. I doubt this is an authentic Jimmy Choo Ross bag.
  12. I like everything but the number of studs. I think it would clash if you were wearing a lot of gold.
  13. Don't like and I agree there are too many studs.
  14. hmmmm....not my style....not worth the money..
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