For 1 Month in NYC. Let me know where I should shop ;-)

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  1. Hi girls,

    Im for the next 1 month in NYC. Living in the 5th Ave. Could you please give me good ideas where I should go for shopping?

    I know all the big stores like saks, barneys etc.

    But maybe there are really coole stores in Soho ??

    Another question. I would like to buy ugg boots. Do you have a idea if there is a store near the 5th ave?

    thanks for all your help

  2. Definitely go to Soho for the little boutique shops and just to walk around it a great atmosphere. I love Mystique in Soho for cheap tops or dresses. They also sell Junk Food tees there. Just take the N or R to Prince Street or the 6 train to Spring Street
  3. For great deals, take a trip to Woodbury Commons Outlet.
  4. There is an Ugg Australia store in Soho.
  5. Plenty of great shopping in Soho from some of the bigger, more commericial names to smaller boutiques.

    You can definitely find Uggs there... did not know there was an Uggs store there but you can definitely buy them at David Z's (local chain) and there are multiple locations within Soho and the rest of the city.

    Other great stores in Soho- Lounge, Atrium, Intermix, Scoop to name a few.
  6. Mystique Boutique, like it was mentioned above! Great store. Also go to Intermix, Scoop, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, Chloe, Miguelina, Catherine Malandrino, Olive & Bettes, Cantaloupe. For non-clothes shopping, you really should go to the MOMA design store at the Museum of Modern Art. That's such a great store.
  7. My favorite stores in soho were Uniqlo (a bit like H&M pricewise) and the Anna Sui store (so many cute finds in there!)
  8. I love the MOMA design store! LoL I bought a plastic ring there in March, and anytime I wear it people always compliment me on it, or pretend to think it's not cool but in fact are fascinated... haha
  9. Examples of where not to go..

  10. SOHO - Has Everything..:yes:

    Century 21 Department Store (22 Cortlandt St.) - sometime toooo many people but the price is great...

    Filene's Basement at 620 6th Ave - for the bargain hunter...

    I miss NYC so much.... :crybaby:
  11. LOL yes, MOMA is amazing. I really love the shop at the Guggenheim. That's my favourite museum of all.

    HEY, nothing wrong with UGGs when they keep you insanely warm in -20 degree weather! I'd say that's a good store to go to, in the winter more than any other season. But I'd only buy a pair as winter boots or a pair of slippers to wear around the house.
  12. Mayle, on Elizabeth Street. One of my favorite boutiques. Will be closing and the Mayle line will be discontinued.

    Also, BigDropNYC has lots of unique pieces.
  13. Thanks for all your feedback :smile: Thats a big help. I will take a cap on this saturday to soho. Is there a good adress which I have to give the cap driver? A central place? And from there on I can walk? Would be good to have your ideas? I have no orientation :smile:

  14. Mmmm...maybe it would be easier to ask where you SHOULDN'T shop in NYC, kwim ;) ?
  15. Don't you mean a cab?

    Just pick a store where you do know you want to visit, get the address, and have a cab or metro take you there.