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  1. wow thank you! they have some gorgeous giuseppe boots, but I just cant decide which pair to get!
  2. Thanks for posting! Footlux is great!
  3. Wow... does anyone know if Rene Caovilli boots run true to size? Or if the calf is especially small/large?
  4. great deals! thanks for posting!
  5. AHH! thanks so much - can anyone tell me how the sizes run for Giuseppe Zanotti and Pedro Garcia? Pleeeease- found a pair of boots i MUST have but its half a size too large but not sure - maybe european sizing might fit me?
  6. I have a pair of zanotti boots, I usually wear 7.5 or 8, my boots is 8.5 and fit perfectly. sometimes i feel a bit snug but its ok.

    Their Zanotti boots are all pull-on boots, so you might want to size up half size to 1 size, especially if you want room for jeans.
  7. Yay! THANKS so much!!! :wlae: I just bought 2 pairs of boots! I can't wait to get them.

    Oh and *Get free shipping with code licoricefreeship
    I used it and it worked! I couldn't use any of the % off codes though...

    Does anyone know the sizing information for
    Magrit shoes? I got a pair in size 37, but i normally wear 5.5-6 american. Since they are boots, I am hoping that it would still work anyway...

  8. Thank you for posting!! I just grab two zanotti boots as well!! Great price, can't ask for more!!:tup:
  9. Thanks for posting this but I got ahold of myself... and miraculously didn't buy anything! More for you ladies to enjoy. ;)
  10. Great shoes....nothing in my size...thank goodness!!
  11. Thank you so much! I got a great pair of Giuseppe Zanotti boots and a pair of shoes both at 70% off. I hope they fit because the sale is final.
    I wish I knew about the free shipping code :sad: I'm going to try emailing them to see if they will adjust.
  12. I just found out about the free shipping code too! I emailed them a little bit ago to see if they would refund the $16 for shipping...hopefully they give us both a refund!
  13. Hmm, does anyone know if Zappos new price match policy is already in effect? (RE: Only one price match per month)
  14. They just replied saying that the code is not valid on final sale items :sad:
    Oh well, the prices were too amazing to pass anyway, even with their shipping cost.