Footlocker, Champs, Footaction 30% off

  1. Thank you!!
  2. Awesome Girl!!!
  3. Thanks a lot!
  4. thats 40% off.....WOW.

    thanks alot, my brothers are going to love you forever.
  5. Thank you! I was just wondering when someone would post the next one! :yahoo:
  6. Thanks for posting!!
  7. Thanks my son is now your friend:wlae:
  8. I need new sneakers! Time to upgrade~
  9. Okay, I was so excited to hear this (thanks sadhunni!) because last time (black friday i think), there was 40% off at footlocker and i REALLY wanted to pick up a pair of UGGs. i missed it, but was excited because with this coupon UGGs would be soooo cheap....but they're not on the site anymore! the entire brand has been removed?? wth? :confused1:
  10. I KNOW!!! I was going to get a pair for my mom for Christmas and, to my surprise, couldn't find them on the site. I bought a pair for my sister from less than a week ago! Oh well.
  11. they might have removed them because of the coupons that are out?
    40% off retail for uggs is a damn good deal and im sure they would probably be at a loss for selling them so low...try the stores maybe?
  12. That sucks! Last time Sadhunni posted a 30% off coupon (about a few weeks ago) I was able to snag a pair of Ugg Minis in sand for 69.99!!!!
  13. gasp!! you lucky girl you :P
  14. thank you so much!
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