Footcandyshoes has .....

  1. very good deals on Cl's ...... hurry ....... heres some of the beauties available...

    activa patent/cork white $300 down from $740
    formentera $150
    eel slingback $$365

    and many more

  2. if they only have size 42's...: (
  3. abebecas123 have you ever bought from them before? do they have a good return policy?
  4. I think they have great customer service. I have purchased from them in the past, both sale and regular price. I returned something one time b/c I didn't like them IRL and it was done fairly quick. If it's sale merchandise though, they will only give you store credit or an exchange option so keep that in mind. If it's a regular priced item, you will get a credit back on your credit card. You have 30 days from the purchase date to return the item.
  5. Oh and they did include a fed ex pre-paid label in my package.
  6. Thanks for the info ashakes!
  7. I know...I have wished that they sold 42s also; I have written the owner about this in the past....more 42 wearers should write so they can be aware that there is a demand. I sent a long letter to Saks last year becuase they stopped selling 42 CLs online....well for this new season I am happy to see 42s available for pre-order again...we can make a difference if contact them to let them know there is a demand for this size.
  8. thank God for my big these last week for $100 they only had 6 and i see they only have 6. And i totally agree with Ash...they are super nice chicks

  9. the prices are great but they don't have my size on the ones i want. :sad:
  10. I ordered the Lina D'orsay in MB. $307 not bad.
  11. ^^ oh i love those, i will be ordering the jc rocky in red for 340 sometime next week, i was thinking on the d'orsay as well but well see.
  12. I tried to get hold of them left two messages and send a mail and havn't heard back from them...
  13. What time were you calling? The St. Helena store is open seven days a week from 11-7 PST. They were extremely busy yesterday. The store happens to be on a busy street in the wine country so there are lots of people in the area all the time. Plus with people still on vacation and with their sale, I think the SAs had their hands full. My sister tried to do an order over the phone, but the SA was busy and had to call her back. When she finally did, during the conversation my sister heard the SA repeatedly say to customers, "l'll be right with you."

    They do have good customer service. I mostly buy from the store directly as I live an hour away St. Helena. I guess the store's return policy must have changed or is different for online purchases. When my sister and I were there two months ago there were signs in the store stating the return policy was 14 days form the purchase date to return the item for exchange or store credit only. My sister returned a pair of boots she bought and would have preferred to get credit back to her card.
  14. must be my luck that they dont have my size.:crybaby:

    damn all you small size girlies!!:lol: [kiddin]