1. I'm pretty new here so don't know if you guys are all aware of They sell designer shoes and handbags, but the best thing of all is their SALE SECTION! Real markdowns. Check out the discounted Manolos :love:!

    Their sale handbag page even includes some Jimmy Choo at up to 50% off! You have to call for the Choos though.

    I really love this one: $1600 marked down to $800:
  2. Thanks for posting, I had no idea about this site.
  3. I've had good experiences with FootCandyShoes -- never really checked out their handbag selection before, but they carry one of the best selections of Christian Louboutin shoes of any online retailer (or even boutique)! Those hard-to-find Louboutin celeb shoes that go for $1000+ on eBay? can often find them on FootCandyShoes or get on their waiting list (and no extortion-like eBay prices!!). No taxes (except CA), free shipping, and pretty friendly customer service. It's one of the best-kept secrets of the web that Louboutin addicts like myself almost don't want the world to know....haha.
  4. I purchased a gorgeous pair of Emma Hope sandals from them a few months ago that originally retailed for over $600 and I paid $200 - yay!!
  5. Im digging the Jimmy Choo bag.
  6. ohhh, I like this site too. thanks!
  7. Are they selling authentic bags?
  8. Woo! And they ship to Canada! Thanks for the info! :yes:
  9. thank you :smile:
  10. Footcandyshoes is great, i have found that their staff is always very helpfull. They even ship internationally and with an online tracking code so i can stalk my parcel online until it gets delivered :shame: my latest purchase from them was a pair of Jimmy Choo Farrah shoes in red, they were 50% off down from 800+ to 400+ :yahoo:
  11. I've bought shoes from them too. They were the only place I could find Louboutin Helmut pumps in my size. Excellent CS and reputable site selling only authentic items.