Footcandy Shoes Annual 30% off sale..Loubies, Manolos, Choo, Padovan, and more!


    Free shipping if your order is over $100. I have ordered Louboutins from them before and they usually ship out the same day or the very next day!

    I picked up the black patent castillana of course. lol I saw butterfly's a while ago and I loved them, but I figured they would go on sale so I'm glad I waited for ONCE. :smile:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. OMG! Those are absolutely amazing :drool:
  4. omg..I totally want these:

  5. Mods, can we move this to the "glass slipper" forum. I meant to post it there, but I messed up since I tend to hang in the CL subforum mostly.

    Get them blackbird!!! Sorry I'm an enabler. haha

    greenleaf, you should get the castillanas if you love them. I see some sizes left!
  6. Haha! I just ordered them. I got a 40...hopefully they'll fit :smile:
  7. We are the same size. lol
  8. Have you guys seen MB'S leopard print D'orsay on sale??? I think that one I may break down for. PS I love your black shoes!!!! They have my size, too!!
  9. The Sedaraby or another d'orsay? If so, if you do a search on eBay you will find a pair of leopard Sedaraby's (cough mine). LOL However, I don't know what size you are.

    I was trying to find Butterfly's photos b/c hers are obviously much better than stock photos, but I gave up.
  10. No these are leoperd peep toe d'osay with a beige patent trim.
  11. I am eyeballing those now as well, they kinda grow on you. How do you think the sizing is and do you think you can walk ok in them?? I am only use to 3 inch heels, that is why I asked. They have some serious sassy going on!!:okay::yes:
  12. They are called Lena, if that helps.
  13. Well dag na bit! They don't have my size. I spoke to the SA at Foot Candy and she said this particular shoe ran a little big, so I would need my US size 7 1/2 and they don't have it. Why oh why can I never get shoes on sale????
    Sad day.... I am going to go pout if anyone should need me. Good luck to the rest of you!!
  14. Only if I get some fat cash for a Christmas present from someone that'll make me think that it's not that much as it's not that much coming out of my own pocket (like that Calvin Kline bedspread I have)
  15. Here's a pic of the Castillanas IRL: :flowers:
    100_5476_1.jpg 100_5478_1.jpg 100_5481_1.jpg