Footballers Wives

  1. Anyone watch the BBC soap?

    I watched the first season on DVD and really enjoyed it. I can't wait until the second series comes on DVD. It is taking forever. It blows D. Housewives away...especially since the storyline is getting/gotten so ridiculous.
  2. Love that-I have only gotten as far as season 2 through Netflix-but love it so far!!!!!!!
  3. I watch it sometimes, I prefer At Home with The Braithwaites.
  4. totally love/loved watching this programme - the last season just finished screening here about a month ago - i think!

    dont ya just love Tanya???!!! :lol:
  5. The show can be so is not your average soap. I think they did a fine job with the characters.
  6. Footballers Wives is already in it's 5th season. I believe season 4 is about to be released or is on DVD right now in the states.

    I was only able to catch a few episodes from season 3 I think on BBC america. It's a great trashy soap- I love it.
  7. I watched the first and second season. They're crazy, but it's fun trash to save on tivo and have a trash marathon
  8. I love Footballers Wives, I'm not sure which season im watching right now but its the latest one in England, possibly season 4? I've lost count. Everyone laughs at me for watching it because its total trash, but thats the reason i watch it! Joan Collins was amazing when she did the past couple of episodes, i wish she was a permenant character. Tanya is definatly my favourite.
  9. It shows so late here :sad: Just the same as SATC used to, so I'll wait until it comes out on DVD for not too expensive then nab the lot.
  10. My boyfriend worked on two series of Footballers wives so i know it well and have actually been on set - It is full of the most camp and unbelievable story lines that are SOO funny. I have seen the actress who plays Tanya in real life - she is tiny and quite pretty.

    It is in series five now in the Uk but the ratings haven't been as good this time - I think it is running out of steam a bit.

    Have you had the Chardonnay's hermaprodite baby storyline yet in the states? I think that was series 2.
  11. I am glad someone else loves it too.
  12. omg i didnt realise how behind the states are! just like were behind on lost and d.housewifes i suppose.
    footballers wives in my fav all time programme, the 5th series finishes tomorrow evening here in UK! gutted i am :sad: Have to wait another year for the next series, its worth the wait though.