Football Fans

  1. Yeah I like football...not as much as I like soccer(football) but I do like football too.

    favs: Giants and Cowboys.

  2. We're HUGE Bronco fans here, too!

    Best news...they released John Lynch :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  3. DH and I are 'sc alumni:p
    *fight on trojans!*:dothewave:
  4. Can't wait! Love Pro Football! Go Bills!
  5. I wasn't into football until a few years ago but I am soooo ready now!!! Packers (my love-even w/o Brett), Ravens (b/c bf loves them, I do too), and MARYLAND

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    Maybe we should get a sports section in the Playground, there seems to be a lot more threads on sports lately and I'm sure they will be so many with football starting!!
  6. First pre-season game is next sunday. Go Cowboys!!!!
  7. Socalgem ~~ Awesome! Fellow Charger fan here!

    Go Chargers! :jrs:
  8. I LOVE football season! My husband got me into a fantasy football league a few years ago, to which I agreed reluctantly, and since then I've become a football fiend. Won the league championship two years ago. :roflmfao: Since I draft players from every team, I end up watching and loving them all. My heart, though, belongs to the Packers.

  9. My heart also belongs to the Packers!
  10. Woo-hoo! I can't wait for football season!

    GO STEELERS!!! :wlae:
  11. [​IMG]
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    It is great to see other football fans.

    I've been into sports my whole life. All my hubby's friends say he is lucky to have a sports fan as a wife.
  13. Gooooooo IRISH!!!!!

    Maybe...possibly....a 7-5 season???!???!!
  14. YAY:yahoo::yahoo:

    Glad to see this thread!!!

    FOOTBALL and HANDBAGS - Gotta Love it!:nuts::nuts:

    Mordant: Congrats to the Giants!! Best SuperBowl I have EVER seen!!

    Addison Shopper: You will love NFL Ticket. I've had it for years.

    Blue Moon: Wow another Bills fan! Things just haven't been the same since Jim Kelly retired:crybaby::crybaby:

  15. GO CHARGERS!:heart:

    You can see Rivers handing the ball off to LT!:woohoo: