Football equals Hermes

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  1. My DH and I are just a few days back from the BCS Championship game in Miami.

    My DH is a UF Gator through and through and well I've never even been to Gainesville! So, the highlight for me was the BH shops the morning before the game. We decided I should try to find something blue or orange to wear to the game. I looked through Saks and saw a couple nice royal blue shirts but nothing I thought I'd wear again. So we wondered through the other shops and we came to H. I thought I'd have a good chance in there. I mean seriously...Florida orange, Hermes orange...they are practically the same thing, aren't they? :graucho:
  2. Yippee live reveal. Been a while since I've been in time for one of these :yahoo:
  3. Bring it on....this should be fun!
  4. I love the BH store! I can't wait to see what's in the box's!
  5. So, I look around and around. Lovely orange cashmere sweater...$1800ish price tag. Even DH finds that too much for a football game...even the national championship!
  6. :popcorn:
  7. Ooh whatchaget!!???
  8. Have to go to bed soon. Please open the pretty boxes....
  9. But then amongst the riding gear, I find the prefect Hermes potiron--I mean Florida orange--shirt.
  10. I got the cutest little polo shirt! I fit right in with the Florida people...though perhaps a tad better dressed :smile:
  11. perhaps just a tad :yes:
  12. Quite happy with that buy as I will absolutely be able to wear it again. And DH is thrilled I have a "Florida" shirt.

    Anyway, DH finishes up buying that and then asks me if I want to ask about bags. Such an enabler as much as he hates to admit. I say okay so he asks the SA who helped with the shirt if they had the specific bag I wanted. SA goes back to check...and lo and behold...they do!

    I think the SA thought he had to talk us into it...but no...that 30cm etoupe Lindy was coming home with me!!! :yahoo:
  13. DH has already asked if we can go to Pasadena next year if UF makes it to the national champ again.

    I said of long as that means I get another H bag!

    I mean didn't UF only win because of my lucky H shirt???
  14. Ouch.....just fell off my computer chair when I saw your beautiful Etoupe Lindy. I have been dreaming about this bag for several months now. Congratulations and what a sweet DH you have.
  15. Cute polo shirt! Your etoupe lindy is stunning!! I love the way, the colour changes in different lights!!!