Foot Petals??

  1. DO they really work? Will my feet really stop slipping scrunching my toes, or are they just a waste of money? Who has used them? Info and opinions please?
  2. I like mine. I have just about everyone they make.
  3. Me too. Love them! So much better than those plastic ones. The beige one matches perfect in the Louboutins.
  4. What exactly do the foot petals do? Does it make heels more comfortable?
  5. I've used the ones for the heels and they worked great. My foot stopped slipping from the back of my wedges.
  6. Yep, I think they're great. I use all the different kinds too.
  7. It all depends on which you get.
    I like the petal that goes under your foot by the cushions & keeps your foot from slipping.
    I also used it on a pair of shoes that were slightly loose.
    I am going to order more today actually.
    They also have nice heel liners that line the shoe by the heel to keep you from slipping out of the shoe. Then they have one that is probably just for comfort or to make your foot more secure in the shoe that goes from top to bottom of the shoe(inside)
    I totally recommend them.
  8. I use the foot petals that are meant for the ball of the foot and they really work very well. They keep my foot from sliding forward in my shoe, so that my toes stay put and also so that my heel doesn't slip out the back of my shoe. I also bought the foot petal sole stopperz, they're clear and you can't even see them on my Louboutins. I'm super-clumsy and would be slipping and sliding everywhere with them!
  9. i use foot petals as a heel grip because im prone to blisters and they are the best ive ever tried!! the never lose their stickiness and dont wear thin like the rubber ones.. have them on every pair i own!
  10. I have a pair of strappy stiletos I'm wearing for my Christmas party. Would foot petals help my foot stay in the shoe a bit better?
  11. I really like mine too!
  12. i think all of you guys have a great experience wearing foot petals! I like to try it also if that foot petals is also effective on my feet..
  13. Yes
  14. i bought a few a while back and just started using them today. it works great.