foot contraption {seriously!}

  1. anyone know what I'm talking about?. . . . .

    I saw in a magazine last month {can't find it now} and there were these little inserts that fits your toes. Maybe it fit from mid-foot down to the toes but it was to straighten out the big toe a little so your foot was in better alignment = look better in sandals ;)
  2. Oh I'd love to find these, my daughter is developing a bunion (my mother has them). Something to hold back her big toe would help I think, she really wants to avoid it getting bigger & eventual surgery.
    I will watch this thread to see if anyone knows where to find.
    I have bought in chemist from Scholls called toe seperators, just like a chunk of foam, is it something like this you mean Swanky? Don't know how efficient they are as she didn't use them - typical LOL
  3. I can't even think of a good few keywords to Google it with!
  4. mmm Thanks Kallison & Swanky, looks like something there would help my daughter.
    Thanks for starting the thread Swanky, :flowers: I would never have thought of looking for this on the net. Now to see if they will ship to UK. Will wait until my daughter agrees that she will wear first.
    Hope you found what you were looking for :smile:
  5. Are you thinking of Yoga Toes?
  6. ooh maybe! Off to Google s'more!

    kallison, looks like we found the same website and posted at thesame time!

    pinch, poke you owe me a Diet Coke! :p
  7. oh BTW, I found a ton of goodies to buy on that website, I've decided I have pronation as well! LOL!
  8. A good way to advoid bunions and other foot problems are to make sure that your shoes are big enough and wide enough. Also for althletic shoes that you work out in make sure that they are stiff and not to flexiable.
  9. This sounds interesting!
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. I should have included a link.....they sell a few varieties on I bought mine at a dance store, though.

    Hope you find something that helps!
  12. I don't actually have bunoins, but I notice my big toe angles in a bit and it would be prettier if it lined up more, also, maybe I can prevent later problems if I am attentive now{?}

    I probably do not really have pronation, but I do notice in some of my Nike Free's it looks like my feet roll in a bit, probably just a lack of the support I need.
    But they're my favorite tennies so I'll probably pick up a couple of pairs of insoles to prevent that.
  13. I think unfortunately that bunions are hereditary, my mum has them, really bad ones also & years ago asked about surgery but doctor advised her against it, now the techniques are better. Thank goodness I didnt inherit they are so ugly & make it impossible to get nice shoes & I hate that my daughter will have to go through this or have surgery. Hers is at an early stage but it is developing & she always had the best of shoes & was personally fitted each time. My mum had always drummed this into me as she used to wear tight shoes but it hasn't helped in this case so has to be a genetic influence also I think. Mind you try getting a 20 year old not to wear pointy stilletoes :roflmfao: