Foot Candy

  1. Does anyone know if Foot Candy ships Manolo Blahnik shoes internationally? I know that NM and Bergorf don't but Foot Candy has a style I really want!

  2. Thank you. I read that but it doesn't specify about Manolo Blahnik in particular.

  3. It says they can not take international orders on their site so it applies to everything
  4. yeah, but they can take orders over the phone, so i would assume that applies to Manolos as well as any other brand.
  5. Maybe I didn't explain myself properly. NM and Bergdorf do ship internationally for the most part but because of trade agreements, there are some brands and/or products that they simply cannot ship overseas. Manolo Blahnik is one of those.

    As for Foot Candy, they do ship internationally, even Manolo Blahnik.