Foot Candy Shoes Web

  1. Do yall know if they sell auth JC bags..... I was looking for some CL shoes and found a Marcia... here is the link
  2. I suppose so. I've just checked on Christian Louboutin website, and they are an authorized reseller. So if they sell authentic louboutin, I suppose all the rest is authentic.
    Thanks for the link!
  3. They are Definitely authentic. The store in St.Helena is really nice. I think they just opened up a new store and offer jimmy choo, manolo, and louboutin all at one location. Just think of the damage one could do:nuts:
  4. I bought some LaCroix from them, good service.
  5. Thx girls ..... now I have to ask permission to buy Ms. Marcia from my SO ...... lol
  6. Yes, authentic all the way-I've been to both their stores. 30% off sale is underway right now-select Jimmy Choos, etc.-just like in other stores.
  7. Hello,
    The shoes and handbags at the Footcandy stores are completely AUTHENTIC. They have a great variety of brands, from Manolo to Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. They have a pretty good selection of bags too. A lot of Marc Jacobs and Jimmy Choo. They just got their new Jimmy Choo bags for fall! They have some great styles!!