Fooled by dark patina on eBay?

  1. Hi everyone, I am posting this because I was fooled into buying a fake mono perfo pochette fuschia that had a dark patina on the vachetta. This eBay users name is kiki62373 and shes got 100% feedback score.

    I also figured that since she had 100% feedback, she had a lot to lose by selling a fake LV . So I never would have guessed she was trying to pass off a fake with darkend patina as the real deal.

    here is the autction:

    Has this happend to anyone before? Have you been fooled into buying a fake that had dark patina? :s
  2. Blimey that seller has sold an awful lot of LV, seems a bit odd that she would suddenly sell a fake
  3. Who determined it was fake? Have you had it authenticated here on the LV board? Not disbelieving you, just wondering.
  4. ^^^ I wondered that too
  5. Who authenticated it for you?
  6. I authenticated it myself when it arrived in a fake dustcloth. I looked closer at the hardware and the gold acrylic paint was chipping of the lock. Not even real brass! The bag also had torn fringe comming out by the D ring; which wasn't shown in the photos.
    The strap on the left is from the seller, the one on the right is the strap from my mono pochette

    the strap with the darker patina is from the seller, lighter one is my own.
  7. do the heatstamps look? Have you contacted the seller?
  8. I suggest that you take a close-up photo of the heat stamp, hardware, and etc., and post them in the LV authenticate it thread, so the experts there can help you regarding your bag's authenticity. AT least do this step first.
  9. ^Do that. But I just noticed that the picture has one of those tell tale fake brown LV card/envelope things in the lower right corner. I hope you can get your money back.
  10. This was a very real looking fake so even the heatstamps looked almost the same. But when I compared the heatstamp to my perfo plate fuschia-- the lettering was way off.
  11. The seller has just agreed to give me a refund!

    I was looking back at some of her previous auctions and this is what I found....


    Isn't the colour of this lining off?
  12. ^^^ Ugh... I didn't think many real ones had that beige suede lining....
  13. Without more pictures of the heat stamp and date code, I don't think you should accuse the seller of selling a fake. LV has changed dustbags many times and the brown envelope has existed (the green evelopes are the fake ones). As for the MC pochette, depending on the lighting the lining will seem anywhere from beige to brown to grey. Seems the seller is too nice and refunded before an authentication service proved it was fake. If it was fake, I'm glad you got your money back, but threads like these have unjustly hurt sellers before so next time anyone please authenticate it with detailed pictures before any accusation.
  14. I completely agree.
    And that Multicolor pochette DOES have that color lining, it's referred to as a "mushroom" color, and as you said can vary in pics. As for the lock on the bag, it CAN chip. LV hardware IS brass but it's made to be very shiny, though it WILL chip or tarnish over time. I'm not saying it's real and I'm not saying it's fake, it just needs more pics to make a final judgement.
    Next time, ask for pictures of the heat stamp (reads "Louis Vuitton Paris made in ___") and the date code. Then post them in the authentication forum on the Louis Vuitton board and we'll have a look at it. To be honest, I'm kind of surprised you didn't, since you've posted items on the authentication forum before.
  15. anyone notice the fake brown envelop?
    her other bags look real though