foods you hated but now like

  1. I hated bananas as a kid and now I like them. I still don't like banana flavored candy, though. My mom saw me eating a banana and nearly fell over. She couldn't believe it.
  2. I love it!
  3. mayonnaise
  4. I have been told that when I was very, very small, I didn't like lime pickle or worcestershire sauce. It wasn't that I thought they were "hot," because I always loved spicy chilies, and condiments made with them. For some mysterious reason, I just "didn't like" those two!

    I have no memory of not liking them, though, and of course today both are staple condiments in my kitchen, and I put each on lots of stuff, including some things that make even the most tolerant and courteous people look askance! :biggrin:

  5. Oh, no!!! That's my favorite!
  6. When I was growing up, I disliked tomatoes and canned beetroot (beets). I love them now. In fact, I even grow them.
  7. Watermelons and Pickles
  8. peanut butter, cashews , caramel popcorn
  9. any kind of bean and most veggies. as a kid the only veggies i liked were carrots, corn, string beans, and broccoli stems (not the tops). now i dont think theres any veggies i dont like.
  10. cilantro. I hated it before and I loooove it now.
  11. Sushi. Now I love me some sushi!

    Also, veggies. I would cry myself into hysterics when my mom tried to make me eat any type of veggie. (Only exception to that is that I still hate brussel sprouts)
  12. I used to hate brusselsprouts, but now I love them! My mom makes a great recipe with fresh brussels and buttered crumbs. It's so yummy with pot roast and mashed potatoes!

    Something I just tried for the first time, which I always thought would be gross is Gefilte-fish (sp?) It's actually really delicious! My boyfriend's SIL is Jewish, and invited us to her family's Passover Seder. Her dad made traditional gefilte-fish using fresh walleye and trout, and it was GOOD!
  13. a green onion and ginger oil mix used for dipping chicken into
  14. peanut butter and bananas.. i eat at least 2 bananas a day now!
  15. peaches