Foods that oddly enough- taste great together!

  1. I'll add....salt & pepper pop chips with ketchup!
  2. :drool:That sounds sooooo good!!!
  3. hard pretzels broken into vanilla ice cream!
  4. That actually sounds good lol!
    This is going to sound really weird (I was even a bit hesitant to write this) but I love Hot Cheetos w/ Sour Cream. IMO, they just taste soo good!
    My cousin got me into them wayyyy back and ever since that day I've been eating them.

    I do know that most people like Hot Cheetos w/ nacho cheese(really good), or lemon (so-so), or with Chamoy (tried it a long time ago but don't remember what it tastes like).:p

    I remember that back in middle school this girl I would talk to would always bring hot cheetos fries and a little bottle of lucas candy. She would've basically poured the bottle of lucas into the hot cheetos fries bag and eat them... every single hot cheetos fry was completely covered in lucas candy. Sounds gross, but they tasted SO good! EVERYONE would be begging her for some lol. Now I'm shivering... just imaging the calories LOL.
  5. I love love McD's vanilla soft serve with their french fries!

    Also, fries dipped in grainy mustard dipped in feta cheese crumbles,
    poached egg in ramen noodles, and
    mixing strawberry and vegetable cream cheese on an everything bagel.
  6. pretzels and apples
  7. Sooo goood!!!:drool:Love this!! I also do this with instant chicken noodle soup!!
  8. i haven't tried this but my friend loooooves mixing cream soda with milk
  9. sauteed vegetables with lots and lots of ketchup

    others think its weird... but i love it :biggrin:
  10. maple syrup and breakfast sausages
    ramen with cheddar cheese
    fries with feta cheese
  11. I dunno if this qualifies as weird but some people find that when I eat eggs with ketchup.. its weird.

    Mangos and fish sauce
    Watermelons and fish sauce or salt
  12. Avocado and soy sauce - I don't like eating avocado on its own. I guess this somewhat reminds me of sushi.
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    Discovered this during my last trip to London.....Chips & Curry (fries served with curry dipping sauce). Very good and very popular over there!
  14. I do the same thing! I never did until I started eating sushi, but now avocado tastes weird by itself.
  15. ^^That's how my father taught me to eat an Avocado!! Still in its shell.... just scoop out the avocado meat and sprinkle with soy sauce! :biggrin:

    I have a really great guy friend who must eat Chicken - no matter how its cooked - with lots and lots of ketchup. I just sit there and watch him eat that concoction and he loves it every single time!

    He also likes to put crushed BBQ flavored Kettle chips on his Chocolate ice cream... he Swears by it... makes you "happy"... :biggrin: