foods or products to make my hair grow faster

  1. i just had my haircut last week and i regret it :crybaby: can you give me advice on what i can do to make my hair grow faster? ( I have a waist length hair and i cut it off neck length)
  2. Unfortunately there is nothing you can eat to make your hair grow faster. Hair grows on the average of 1/2" amonth so you cut about four years worth of growth. It's always best to eat healthy, eat clean food and drink plenty of water. At least it's spring and your hair will grow faster in the warm weather. But living in Michigan....once the cold hits, forget it! You'll be growing at a snail's pace.
    But realistically, learn to love your new hair! Cuz it ain't goin' no where fast!
  3. hey anybody here know that can make your hair grow thicker and longer
  4. I think some shampoo definitely helps hair grows faster: mane and hair? I think that's what it is called. It is used for not only human but also horses and I absolutely love the product!! It makes your hair silky and smooth and both my bf and my mom commented about how my hair grows much faster now and it has this nice shine to it. I'm definitely going to try the conditioner!
    and also, this could be a myth, but I was told that eating seaweed would help hair grow thicker and longer!!:yes:
  5. I think its called Maine and Tail. I havnt tried it but heard good things about it.
  6. You and me both! UGH!
  7. I could've sworn one time I heard taking prenatal vitamins made your hair & nails stronger.
  8. eat seaweed and black sesame, they are supposed to be good to our hair.
  9. yah!! u're right! haha :p i never really read it (cuz my mom bought it:yes: ) but it really does work well!! :graucho:
  10. ummm.... I bathe my hair in olive oil, I think it helps... also eat lotsa fish :yes:
  11. brush ur hair alot and massage ur scalp to stimulate it
  12. you too aarti??? ugh thats the word!!!
  13. thanks everyone!!!
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    i had the same thing happen to me in december .. it's been 4 months and my hair is back to its full back length .. i am sooo happy now. what always works for me is nutrine's unscented garlic shampoo and conditioner .. use it exactly as the bottle recommends . it's a bit hard to find. here in NYC they sell it at ricky's ,not sure if they have those by you , if not check online. but make sure you buy the unscented , if not u are going to stink to high heaven .. best of luck. i hope you try it it really works!!