Foods for healthier hair??

  1. Hey ladies, just wondering if anyone knew any secrets on what to eat to get healthier hair?? I've heard of seaweed..anything else out there?? I want my hair to grow out faster..and have less of a dry scalp if possible?? Thanks!!!
  2. Usana Essentials - dietary supplements. I take that everyday and see visible effects in hair, complexion and general health. You have to buy direct or through an MLM seller, I buy direct. Details on their website. I don't recommend their skincare products though.
  3. Eat root vegetables like daikon, potatoes (sweet potatoes even more), radish, carrots, etc

    I also highly recommend L cysteine supplement, with Vit C for better absorbtion, and vit B complex.

    If you have hair loss, maybe you need more iron..
  4. since hair is made of protein, you should probably stock up on that. like eggs? chicken? fish?
  5. Jello Is Suppose To Make Your Hair And Nails Grow Fast.....
  6. My hair dresser actually told me that too much protein can dry out your hair and cause it to break. I am taking Biotin along with my MVI and she also told me to increase my intake of green veggies--since I'm not a veggie fan, I'm taking 2 chewable KidGreenz veg. vitamins--which include a bunch of things found in spinach, kale, broccoli, seaweed, etc. She also told me doing a deep conditioning to your hair twice a week would be very helpful!

  7. ^ That's sound advice... Your body needs a mixture of protein, complex carbs and nutrients, regardless of whether or not it's for your hair. It's better to eat the real thing than take it in a pill, but if a supplement is the only way you're going to get nutrients then it's better than nothing. But to answer the question, I don't really think that eating a certain food like gelatin or seaweed will make your hair better. If you're eating plenty of nutritious foods and not damaging your hair with styling and products, then it should be healthy no matter what :shrugs:...