Food weaknesses - suggestions on what to eat instead

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  1. I'm trying to get healthier. I work out lots and I don't eat a lot of junk - no red meat, no fast food, hardly any fried foods, dessert maybe a couple of times a month, but I still have my food weaknesses. I'm also a grazer - I have to eat every few hours but sometimes I find myself stuffing my face for no good reason after work or at night randomly.

    Here are my weaknesses. I welcome any suggestions for healthier substitutions!

    PASTA - this is my main problem. I buy all-semolina pasta now but I don't know if it's any better. I am willing to try whole-wheat but need suggestions for tasty brands.

    cheese - especially brie and cheddar

    yogurt - I love the full-fat variety (3.2%) and I refuse to eat fake sugar (eg. sucralose, acesulfame-K, aspartame)

    pizza - I only eat veggie and I will blot off excess oil and pull off some of the cheese but I love it!

    tea - I love it. I take it with 1% milk and sugar. I think the sugar is the main problem. I like things sweet!

  2. I love barilla protein pasta..its the yellow box... i take a hand full & break it in half so it seems like more..i love to make a ground turkey bolognase sauce..really its just ground turkey with tomatoe sauce and i eat that with my protein pasta..yummy and very filling!!

    i also recently had this pizza by Kashi..omg it was so good & healthy!!!
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! I've heard of Barilla pasta, it's supposed to be among the best-tasting whole wheat brands but I can't remember if it's available here or not.
  4. I love simple pizzas, like tomato, cheese and basil :drool:
    What I do is buy pita/flatbread from Trader Joes, smear some prego traditional sauce on it, dust a little garlic powder, grate 1 stick of low fat mozzarella string cheese, slice some tomatoes and a couple of mushrooms, and sprinkle some herbs on, and throw it in the oven for maybe 10 mins at 400. It's sooooo good I had it for breakfast 5 days in a row last month :nuts: It makes the best personal size pizza - and is good for you too (esp if you use whole wheat pita!) less than 350 calories and really filling :tup:

    yogurt - try fage greek yogurt (from Trader Joes), super yummy, especially the one that comes with honey on the side :drool: The whole package is like 200 calories and makes for a great snack! Sometimes DH and I share one for dessert, and this man HATES yogurt! If you like fruit flavored yogurt, Dannon Activia low fat yogurt has only 110 calories but I cannot believe it is low fat. It tastes like full fat! I especially like the peach variety.
  5. Ahhh, brie/creamy cheese is my weakness too. I've found that goat cheese can satisfy a lot of my cravings, but has lower fat... I also use goat cheese instead of cream cheese sometimes.
  6. Pasta - I buy Healthy Harvest (I think it's called?!) rotini and thin spaghetti. I prefer the thin spaghetti. It tastes great. I use it along with lean ground turkey and regular pasta sauce, and the BF can barely tell the difference. I've also heard Trader Joe's Organic WW pasta is good, but I haven't tried it.

    Cheese - I agree with girliceclimber on goat cheese. You can also try those small, individual Baby Bell cheeses. They come wrapped in the red wax casings, and are super rich and creamy :drool: I'm pretty sure there is a low fat version.

    Yogurt - Have you tried greek yogurt? I'm a recent greek yogurt convert. The 2% version is very rich and tasty. I usually buy the low fat, which is also good, but since you're a full-fat yogurt fan, I'd go with the 2%. Since you don't use artificial sweeteners, I'd put a tiny bit of sugar in the yogurt if you want sweetness, or instead add sliced strawberries, blueberries, peaches or other fruit. You can also add a few almonds or walnuts for some crunch. Makes a great snack.

    Pizza - I'm totally with frannita on the individual pita pizzas! I buy low carb, whole wheat tortillas, add 1/4 cup low fat feta cheese, spinach and shredded chicken, then bake for a few minutes. Delicious :drool: You can also add 1/4 cup cheddar cheese, shredded chicken and 2 tbsp. barbecue sauce for a BBQ chicken pizza.

    I have no suggestions for tea, because I don't like it :shame:

  7. i would like to say 1st of all, if these are your vices, your in good shape! as for the yogurt, try stonyfield light. sometimes a bit hard to find, but its made with low fat milk and no artificial sweeteners (its organic). as for tea, i am a tea fanatic (like 4-5 cups a day) and 1st i switched over to sugar in the raw. unprocessed and better for you. its sweet in a different way and it makes it easy to cut back on ur sugar addiction. HIGHLY recommended. the taste of regular sugar is disgusting to me now. as for everything else, i say all is good in moderation. def switch to whole wheat pasta and pizza and veggie it up. i make veggies with pasta (not the other way around if u catch my drift). and low fat cheese still tastes ok. going back to the grazing. make sure to graze on foods that keep you full with lots of protein and healthy complex carbs. hope this helps :smile:
  8. I like Sugar in the Raw and use it whenever it is around! I like how it's not super-super icky sweet, but my bf hates it. Then again he gave up coffee so maybe I can start buying it now!

    There is no Trader Joe's here in Canada, unfortunately... :sad:
  9. Maybe you should check out Whole Foods? Which city are you located in? I know they have a store in downtown Toronto. It sucks that we don't have a Trader Joe's though...
  10. Whole Foods and Capers are nice, but not so nice on the wallet...

    I picked up some multigrain Barilla pasta today, gonna try it out. I also got some raw sugar.
  11. I used to take milk and sugar in my tea... now I just use honey. Have you tried that?
  12. ^Yeah honey is ok but not always available, like at work. I still prefer the taste of sugar though.

    Oh I tried the Barilla pasta yesterday. I bought penne rigate and made it with my usual tomato sauce and cheese, then baked it. It was so tasty!!! I almost like it better than normal pasta! I definitely recommend it.