Food thief in the office

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  1. After a few of years of food being stolen from a shared refrigerator (it is located in a lounge outside of the main office), I think I caught the offender. We thought it was an employee from another office that shares the same building and lounge but the culprit is in our own office. Basically, some of my food was eaten and I said "hey did you try some of this?", this person replied "no" and I started ranting that meant that some stranger in the bldg was messing with my food. About a minute later, this person comes to my office and says, "uh yeah, i ate it" :wtf: . This same person likes to dig through everyone's trash can to recycle cans and bottles (that's ok) but also picks out food (half eaten bags of chips, old candy, etc.) and eats it :yucky: . This person also takes old post it notes from the trash to reuse them to send documents around in the office. It's not like our company limits our supplies, there is PLENTY of new post its and supplies in general. Is this just strange behavior in general? Should this person be confronted and what would you do?
  2. well its not that strange to me. it happens in my office and am not in the US right now. I lost heaps of chocolates too in the him/her :yucky:

    if i ever know who did it, i will confront this person. i mean that is such a weirdo behavior and just gross if anything else :confused1:
  3. Yes, confront,let him/her know it is offensive to you when somebody takes your food or digs in the garbage and then eats it in front of you. Yuck.
  4. Ewwww. that's gross! I remember once I left my uneaten burrito in the office fridge and at the end of the day when i went to take it home with me, it was gone! I couldn't believe someone would just eat someone else's food like that!
  5. A month after I started my new job I made a sandwich and salad for lunch and put it inside of a plastic bag. Someone went in there and took my sandwich. I was soooo upset. I learned to really protect my food after that.
  6. Tell them to lay off your food!! Did they even apologize for eating it without asking you first?? :yucky:
  7. that is really odd behavior, kinda reminds me of a homeless person (kinda, not quite). Probably someway that he was brought up! thats kinda weird that they ate your food.. haha it reminds me of kindergarten!!
  8. How could anyone bring themselves to put their paws on someone else's food??????
    I forgot my glucose drink in the break room. This is the test you to take when you are pregnant to see if you have diabetes. It was bright orange...kinda like orange soda. Also, I had my name on it. But it is VERRRRRRRRRRRY sweet...blachhh:yucky: :yucky: :yucky:
    Well, the next day, it was gone! A coworker witnessed the guy who drank it (KNOWING IT WAS MEDICAL AND KNOWING IT WAS MINE)!!!:cursing:
    His excuse.....its there and its really warm outside!!!
  9. try poisoning the food =p
  10. What bizarre behavior! I'm not sure what you should do (personally, I am incredibly passive agressive). We had an incident like this once in my office (there are 45 people here sharing one fridge). An intern of ours told me one day that someone ate his sandwich. Beside the fact that it was a bit funny (because he's an intern), it was really strange because no one fessed up to it. He made a really weird sandwich - I think it was tuna with cucumbers and pickles in it. Very strange.

    Good luck with your situation.
  11. Here is how to find out who is stealing your food: Make tuna or chicken salad. Secret ingredient: crushed laxatives. Watch the bathroom that afternoon. Success!
  12. :roflmfao: I was going to post something similar to this. :roflmfao:

    What a weird thing to do. Do you think he/she just doesn't have the means to buy food?
  13. ew! That's weird and gross. Only a crazy person would do this!! Tell them to stay OUT of your garbage!
  14. ok... now that is strange. i've heard of people taking others' food from a shared fridge, but why would anyone sift through the trash and eat unfinished food?

    i would confront this person. but that's just how i am. i don't like the idea of anyone touching my stuff w/o permission, but i am usually civil about it. however, crushing laxatives into a sandwich doesn't sound like a bad idea... especially if this behaviour continues.
  15. OH:roflmfao: MY:roflmfao: GAWD:roflmfao:!!!!!!!!!!

    ^That was funny.

    But, this story isn't. That person may have to be reported to Human Resources or something.:wtf: