Food poisoning update

  1. I emailed Earthbound Organics and they were quite upset -- apparently Costco was supposed to have me fill out an incident report and then pull the product pending investigation.

    Hopefully they will get on top of this before too many more people get sick.

  2. Robyn how did you find out it was the bagged salad that made you sick? Just curious...I hope they start warning people soon :sad: I personally will never be buying bagged salads again from all the horror stories I've read about Ecoli contamination...hope you're feeling better!
  3. Ugh how horrible!!
  4. I knew it was the bagged salad because it was the only thing I had eaten.

    I was feeling fat and ate nothing but salad and water.

    I am still sick today & this is NOT a fun way to lose weight.

  5. ^^^ Are Costco and Wal-Mart the same company???
  6. No they are not. Sams Club is the owner of Wal-Mart. Sams Club and Costco are totally different.:flowers:
  7. Sorry. My bad. I was reading quickly and confused the two. Sam's Club are the purse baddies and Costco are the food poisoning baddies. (I am a BJ's girl so I always mix up the other two.)
  8. What an awful experience! I hope you at LEAST get an apology and that no one else gets sick.