Food Poisoning, totalyl TMI!

  1. OK, so its midnight here in Biloxi, and we were supposed to go to a fab party tonight, so I should be drinking and having a great time right about NOW. Instead, I am in my home office, which, luckily is 2 doors from a bathroom. To tell the truth, not sure where I have sat longer... here or the commode....

    Anyway, it set in about 6 pm, and if there is a way to expel yuckiness from it, I am. If I could barf out my ears, I think I would......

    I cannot even keep down the pedialyte... I am just in a mess... (lol, punny).

    Anyway, my fever is at 101.6... do you think this really is FP or something else? It sure felt like it when it set in. Also, at what point do you think one should see an MD about it? Even tho I barf it all up, I keep drinking water, pedi and diet sunkist, so I don't feed dehydrated.

    Thanks, and if anyone is up and has read this, bless you. :smile:
  2. Oh dear...I'm so sorry!

    Found this on WebMD...

    "Call 911 or other emergency services immediately if:
    • You have signs of severe dehydration. These include little or no urine; sunken eyes, no tears, and a dry mouth and tongue; fast breathing and heartbeat; feeling very dizzy or lightheaded; and not feeling or acting alert.
    • You think you may have food poisoning from a canned food and you have symptoms of botulism (blurred or double vision, trouble swallowing or breathing, muscle weakness).
    Call your doctor immediately if:
    • Severe diarrhea (large amounts of loose stool every 1 to 2 hours) lasts longer than 2 days in an adult.
    • Vomiting lasts longer than 1 day in an adult.
    • You are pregnant and believe that you have been exposed to listeriosis or toxoplasmosis. For more information on toxoplasmosis, see the topic Toxoplasmosis During Pregnancy.
    • You have sudden, severe belly pain.
    Talk to your doctor if:
    • You have symptoms of mild dehydration (dry mouth, dark urine, not much urine) that get worse even with home treatment.
    • You have a fever.
    • You are not feeling better after 1 week of home treatment. "
    I hope you feel better soon!
  3. What did you eat? If you have food born illness and you got the food from a restaurant, you should really call them and tell them. Other people might have eaten the same thing.

    People don't realize the simplest thing can cause sickness with food. Carb heavy foods are always a culprit. Like rice or potatoes being left on counters not at the right warming temperature and getting cold for long periods of time. People think it is only protein.
  4. It might be a stomach virus (norovirus) that is very easy to catch. I had it 2 weekends ago and I was really sick--won't go into the gross details, but I couldn't be far from the bathroom. Nausea, vomiting, plus the rest; fatigue, low grade fever, headache. It was severe for about 36 hours, then I still had no appetite for a few days, but could keep water and saltines down, then soup.

    It's easily spread if an infected person touches dishes or food, then you touch them. That's how it spreads so quickly on cruise ships.

    If you're otherwise healthy, and the severe symptoms end within a couple days, you'll get thru it. It's awful, tho.
  5. I'm pretty sure I have norovirus right now. I can't move and if my lower half does there is a big mistake before I can get to the bathroom. I hate being sick, especially at Christmas! I just hope my little girl and hubby don't get it--I've been confined to my bed/bedroom all day.
  6. Typically I think fevers come with a virus, not with food poisoning. Hang in there. Force yourself to drink because it is really easy to get dehydrated!
  7. Could be a stomach virus. The kids and have had those in the past and it is like you are better living in the bathroom.....Last Christmas my son and I had it for 5 days. UGH. It just has to work it's way out of your system. Drinking flat coke a cola helped. My neighbor buys coke a cola syrup from the drugstore which is supposed to help stomach upset but I have yet to buy that. I hope you are able to keep some liquids down, please take care and rest. You probably feel exhausted.
  8. Just wanted to thank everyone! I am feeling a ton better now. I still think it was *ugh* the chicken in my thai food, but that norovirus does not sound too far off from where I was :smile:

    I actually could eat a mean today... still... no chicken... :p
  9. God! I'm sick too! Like HubbaWubba said, I had a dish with rice and beef, etc. So I'm thinking it was the rice, since the beef looked thoroughly cooked.

    ANYWAY -- someone SICK probably prepared my food. This sucks! Everyone is sick around December.

    Good luck to you BiloxiBlu! Get well!
  10. I'm glad you're feeling better! Usually I will eat anything (hence my weight problem) but if I get sick after eating something I believe caused it, I will avoid that food for a very long time--bad association.