food or drink in your LV - would you dare?!!

  1. so you plonked down hundred or even thousands of smakeroos on a bag - would you put your lunch in it?

    I am an aspiring bodybuilder therefore I need 4-6 small meals per day, (4 being the bare minimum). These meals, of course, have to have some quality protein. but of course sealed foods should be be a problem. Sometimes I'd need to carry a shaker with protein powder for straight after my workout.

    Water is the thing that worries me more - I think I'd have to carry it in my hand if it wasn't shop-sealed.

    How do you guys manage lunches etc.?
  2. i always have a diet coke in my lv... and sometimes a water too!! i don't usually carry food aside from a soy bar.
  3. I already carried bottled water in my LVs.
  4. Maybe I'm just paranoid, hehe. Normally I would think of it, I've never had accidents and if it's a longchamps or something, I could wipe it anyway. But the LV lining seems delicate.
  5. I do bottled water but once I made the mistake of putting my yogurt in my BH on the way out the door to work. I forgot that I put it in there and when I looked in my bag about 3 hours later my key had punctured the foli top and there was yougurt on the bottom of my bag. I cleaned it up as best as I could with baby wipes. There's a faint mark today. I def. learned my lesson!!!
  6. oh yeah i do. just in a sealed ziploc to be safe... & nothing too messy (granola bar or an apple)
  7. smakeroo.. :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    the most i have done is a bottle of water and a small lunch in ziploc. don't go further than that!
  8. I almost always take a bottle of water with me, so I'm planning on doing that in my LV's too. I don't think it should be a problem.
    As for food - I would NOT take a banana (one of my friends ended up with a splashed banana in her school tote...whoops.) but some sandwiches or something in a plastic sealed sandwich bag won't hurt I guess.
  9. :push:

    That's just it, I eat low-carb so my staples are things like nuts, salad and tuna. The ziplock idea is something to bear in mind, I need to plan some new meal options to mix things up anyway. Thanks.
  10. i sometimes put a little gatorade or a bottle of evian in my neverfull :smile:
  11. I always carry bottled water in my bags.
  12. I do put snacks and water in my bag. If it is something messy I will put it in a zip lock.
  13. when i was working, i would stuff everything into my Large Noe.

    one day, i put a frozen Lean Cuisine in it...something Italian.

    I forgot about it, it defrosted and stained the bottom of my perfect It eventually faded to look like a large water spot as the vachetta darkened. But I was soo angry with myself.

    This was years ago, it still bothers me.
  14. agreed - I'd def. think about purchasing some of those medium sized or large freezer ziploc bags if you were thinking of bringing a bowl of salad. If I remember correctly, you just purchased a damier 30? I'm not sure how roomy it'd be for a salad along with your other items - but I think even if I brought a ziploc bag of nuts, I'd have a slightly larger ziploc bag to put it in as well (in case I accidentally punctured a hole with my keys or something) - however I may just be paranoid. :sweatdrop:
  15. I put everything in ziploc bags, especially juice bottles and snacks. I usually don't put a water bottle in a bag...don't know why, guess that's not too smart! So far, knock on wood, I've been lucky and stain free!!:smile: