Food Network Challenge

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  1. I was watching the wedding cake episode today. All the cakes looked wonderful and all the chefs were so confident. The bride and groom got to chose which cake would win and be in their wedding. I was 50 minutes into the show when my cable provider couldn't get the rest of the show on! It kept saying that this channel will be back shortly. Next thing I knew, Jamie Oliver's show was on, oooh I can't stand Jamie Oliver! So I watched this show without finding out who won! Needless to say, I'm a bit irritated. :cursing:

    Did anyone else see this episode? Who won? And what was the reason behind the win?
  2. I watched it but I fell asleep! All the cakes kind of sucked, I wouldn't want any of them at my wedding! I guess the polka dot one was kind of cute.

    So who do you like so far? I guess we haven't really seen enough to get a vibe on them. I'm going to watch the rest tonight.
  3. Let me know who wins!

    If I had to chose one cake, it would be the white cake with the wedding dress bottom. But I would make him change the monograms. And I would scrap the groom's poker table cake altogether. The other cakes were too out there for me.