Food Kicks....ever get on one?

  1. I'm the type that gets on these food kicks..and will eat the same thing for days..then not have it again for a long time.

    I'm on a Combo's chedder cheese cracker kick at the moment. Cannot get enough of it.

    Just came off a spaghetti/meatball kick as well. Craved it/made it for days.

    Whats your latest kick?
  2. Deli cheeses, crackers and black olives!! A great snack...never tiring for me.
  3. Cherries
  4. Yes, I definitely get on food kicks! I'm currently on a taco salad kick, and I've been wanting it for dinner most nights. Oh well, at least it's healthy when I make it.
  5. I'll get on a club cracker and vermont white sharp cheddar cheese kick! Also tend to get on a kick where I'll mix angel food cake, whipped cream, and strawberries/mango together and eat it like cakey fruity yogurt. It is sooooo good!!! I'll eat it any time
  6. Every summer I get an insane craving for watermelon......I mean, I am peeing constantly by eating so much!!! :wtf: A few weeks ago I was making a salad with baked chicken, dried cranberries and walnuts. i ate it twice a day!

    Right now I am on a smoothie kick for my morning (made w/ watermelon of course)!!

  7. Pickles, cheese popcorn, pudding.
  8. Yess...right now I am on a mint chocolate chip ice cream kick!
  9. Fresh pineapple.....LOL..I cant stop eating it!...I cut a few whole pineapple up a week....its too funny....!
  10. I went through an apple cider phase.. haha I was microwaving apple cider every other hour or so.. and then I just became SICK of it lmao!
  11. I just returned from visiting my best friend in Kansas City.

    There's a restaurant there called Winstead's. It has THE BEST onion rings, chocolate milkshakes and hamburgers with grilled onions!!

    I was there 6 days and we ate there 5 times...not always all three items, though.:yahoo:

    Suffice to say... I'm very grateful Winstead's is a local KC restaurant. If Winstead's was in Denver, it wouldn't be good for my waistline:nogood:
  12. sure, all the time... especially when a certain fruit or vegtable that I like is in season.
  13. Last week it was Peter Piper's pepperoni pizza LOL. This week I'm a bit stuck on Cheetos. Bad missmustard!
  14. I do that too. Right now it's sushi but that's pretty common for me. I get on hummus kicks but haven't had it for a while.
  15. I'm on a white peach kick right now :drool: They're in season here, and soooo yummy! Dad made white peach daiquiris last night, yum! I just got off a pistachio kick, after my family jointly consumed a 4lb bag of them in about 3 days!