Food Goals for the Week

  1. Similar to Christina's Fitness Goals Thread, this is about your Food Goals for the week. I figure I will just do it for the week since I know we always change our minds!

    For me this week I want to get back on track.

    - No eating out (which will be SOOO hard but it can be done!)
    - Stay away from white foods. I'm a huge potato lover and if I buy bread (granted it is *my* kind of bread) I take out half a loaf at a sitting
    - Stay away from sugars and candy! I've been bad with this lately, always getting Reces Pieces or something. Stick to a Luna Bar or something else
    - Eat 5-6 small meals a day

    Well that is what I am going to try to do this week! What about you all?? :idea:
  2. Splitting my 2 meals to 5-6 meals

    That's basically it. I barely eat any sweets currently and I drink water or orange juice only.
  3. My goals this week is to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies every day =) And to eat only until I am satisfied, not overly full.
  4. stick to mt Nutri System meals MY plan!! I swear! This weekend if it was not on Nutri System I ate it. SO back to business...I do have to take a friends mother out to dinner on wed...I will eat before I go and just have a green salad. (oh what fun)
  5. Eat more protein! I need to get back into getting one gram per pound of body weight. Starting tonight I'm going to have oatmeal with a scoop of vanilla whey powder.

    Stop eating candy at work. Why does the HR lady love to bring mini Reeses and tell me where she hides them? :hrmm: Every day I end up having one or two. I'm only sticking to what I bring in my lunchbox.

    I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow, and I vow to not do it on an empty stomach. That's when I come home with sugary cereals and brownie mix :suspiciou
  6. goal for this week: if the fruit bowl in the fruit bowl runs out - go to the fruit store asap - Don't wait for the following week to top it up! 'coz i end up eating junk!!!
  7. my goal would be to eat fruits n veggies everyday and if I drink soda, only once to twice a week.. but definitely, more water..
  8. my big goal is to stick to my weight watchers points limit. with easter, celebrating my anniversary and a few friends visiting, last week was a "free" week. back on track. :smile:

    no french fries at all. they always make me sick when i eat them. you'd think i'd learn my lesson. :smile:
  9. No sugar! I also want to replace some of my carbs with veggies so rev up my weight loss this week. And drink LOTS more water.
  10. Food Goals this week:

    1. Drink atleast 8 glasses of water every day.
    2. No processed sugar this week
    3. No fast food, processed mystery meats
    4. Eat my 5 small meals every day and not find excuses to skip a meal.
  11. Drink more water and eat more vegetables
    Smaller portions
    Reduce the licorice (I have to have a little!)

    I've already cut out just about all the things I need to cut out -- now just need to reduce portions.
  12. I plan to eat breakfast every day. It's usually 2 hard boiled egg whites. I'll eat baked chicken, baked or broiled fish and salad. Cut out sugar and bread all week. Boring - but it works for me!
  13. NO CHCOLATE.... AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! but I should... :sad:
  14. Cut down on the cheese
    Only eat out at health-food type places
    Be more aware of portions
  15. Drink only water and no ordering dessert for dinner from work.
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